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Greg Wyshynski, formerly of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog and currently of ESPN, has decided to make a list of each of the 31 NHL teams’ “All-Decade Team”. Each team is comprised of three forwards, one player of each position, two defensemen, a goaltender, and a coach.

The Bruins All-Decade Team is kind of unsurprising.

C: Patrice Bergeron (241 G, 334 A, 0.81 PPG)
LW: Brad Marchand (262 G, 297 A, 0.82 PPG)
RW: David Pastrnak (132 G, 152 A, 0.89 PPG)
D: Zdeno Chara (96 G, 227 A, 0.45 PPG)
D: Torey Krug (58 G, 230 A, 0.62 PPG)
G: Tuukka Rask (262-149-57, .921 SV%, 2.28 GAA)

Coach: Claude Julien (325-198-72)

At first glance it seems to reek of recency bias, in fact, almost every team does. I’m sure that fans would argue over Tuukka Rask versus Tim Thomas, even Wysh acknowledges that, but the fact of the matter is that Tuukka has a great body of work, two Final appearances, and a Vezina. Thomas never got back after his year off and journey through playing for lesser teams.

What this list shows is that the Bruins have the best combination of players to win right now because every member of this list is still on the roster. Coming off a successful season one game shy of the Stanley Cup, one would think they can do it again.

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Interesting that Wysh had nothing to say on Butch vs Claude.
I think that could be an interesting discussion.

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. I get the love for Thomas because, yes, The Cup but give me Tuukka any day. The Cup has definitely got it in people’s heads that Thomas was this amazing oh my god best ever greatest of all time goalie. Absolutely a good goalie but not OH MY GOD GOAT goalie.

And I’m finding his choice of Krug to be an interesting one. I love Krug but I’ll have to see if I can think of anyone I would choose instead of him. Part of me wants to say Boychuk but I fully admit that would a rose-tinted love that guy choice.

And I still can’t believe our top line is Marchand, Bergy, and Pasta. We are spoiled.