Morning Free Association: Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday Depending Where You Live

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Last night the Bruins took on the Ottawa Senators playing in their barn just outside of Ottawa. Yeah, that makes sense.

Last night, the Bruins won a game against the Ottawa Senators playing in their barn just outside of Ottawa, in Kanata.

The game itself was a frustrating watch in that the B’s continue to lose the battle of shots on goal, 34-21, but still ultimately win the war for two points, 2-1. All three goals between the opponents were scored in the third period, all at even strength. The two teams only committed two penalties a piece. Tuukka Rask turned away 33 shots and made yet another case for save of the year. Brad Marchand and Zdeno Chara added to their goal totals.

Yep, they played a game and won. But that wasn’t the big news from yesterday. Nope, that would be the dual signings of The Mayors of Walpole and Weymouth, respectively Chris Wagner and Charlie Coyle.

Yes, the local boys who once played together as South Shore Kings signed extensions on the same day to stay with their hometown teams for many years to come.

Good job, Donny. Now sign Krug.

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It’s American Thanksgiving, and the Bruins are on top of the NHL.
Ok, folks. We won!!!!
Don’t need to do the rest of the season. We win. They lose.!

The London Bear
The London Bear

Hello guys. Happy thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey and football and whatever else you’re doing.

Halfway through Tuesday’s game the Bs had six goals.

Halfway through last night’s game they had five shots!

Yeah, not the prettiest game. They still won. Bring on the Rags!


Bwaaak, bwaaaaak!

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Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Happy Thanksgiving!comment image