Morning Free Association: Friday Pieday

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Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving/ Thursday full of pie.


Snooppy and Woodstock and pie

pie hole

Real live footage of Sis and pie

(Did I just use four pie gifs? Yes. Why? Because I couldn’t decide which one was best. Plus, that last one has Sister taking the pie, like she has threatened before)

The Bruins players were home celebrating Thanksgiving. Well, maybe one Bruin was doing some good work for others.

Yes, Zdeno Chara bought and brought the pies to various soup kitchens and firehouses to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This is just part of why we love him.

Stay tuned for today’s Black Friday Manatee Game at 1pm EST.

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The London Bear
The London Bear

Is this game ever going to start?!


I like pie.
Pie Pie Pie
π π π

The London Bear
The London Bear

Hello folks.

No pie for me yesterday but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone buys some mince pies at some point today…

The TV channel that shows NHL over here has got Rugby on this afternoon so no blackout for the manatee game. Yay! Unfortunately it’s on at an awkward time, so I’ll have to watch on catchup when I get home.

Just got to get through today and tomorrow and then I’ve got ten days off!

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

GIVE ME ALL THE PIES!! (Give me all the pies and I will eat them later. I’m still digesting last night’s pie.)