Morning Free Association: Keep the Bruins Moms Forever

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Last night was the second and last game of the Bruins Moms Trip. Like the one in Nashville, the Bruins won this one, perhaps not as handily. Entering the third period, it wasn’t a given that the team would win seeing that they had traded the lead late in the second after playing catch up with goals throughout the game.

Missing Zdeno Chara with an abscess in his surgically repaired jaw, the Bruins seemed to be lacking some shutdown factor around the net, especially on the penalty kill; Winnipeg had only two power play opportunities and capitalized on both. In even strength play, the Bruins looked pretty strong allowing only 2 goals while scoring 4 of their own. All of the Bruins goals were from either Jake DeBrusk or David Pastrnak, who wrapped up his third hat trick this season.

Of course, we could give credit to the players, but we all know that it’s all on their moms. The moms are crazy fun and all seem to get along with each other.

All the goals:

Pasta (33,34,35)

DeBrusk (12,13)

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Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Feels like Pasta has had more than three hat tricks this season.

The London Bear
The London Bear

What. A. Game!

Watched periods 2 and 3 this morning and I think it’s put me in a good mood for the day. Not bad considering my day started with me knocking over a glass of water while trying to switch off my alarm!

How many goals can Pasta finish the season with? Assuming he stays healthy 50 is a formality surely. Can he reach 60? The highest tally since the Rocket Richard was introduced was 65 (Ovi in 07-08). It would be great to see him top that.

Wags was unlucky not to get a couple of goals there! There should be a stat for players denied goals by unbelievable saves.

JD needed a game like that. Hopefully that’ll give him a big confidence boost.


Wags has been dangerous the last couple of games. He’ll get a few if he keeps playing like that.


Wags was robbed. I felt like Heinen was outright denied a couple times, as well


Good Morning!!!!
Keep the moms around!!! Loved seeing there post game celly, thanks. They do seem like cool moms.
Broissot had some troubles with the high shots… especially over his left shoulder, file that away, eh?
Pasta’s form on theses shots… flawless. The follow through on the one timer. His stick and whole body wind up pointing exactly where the puck went. Textbook.