Morning Free Association: Chara Fined and More

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After all the ugliness read: fun of the Bruins-Canadiens game the other night, reality has set in. Remember when Chara cross-checked Brendan Gallagher in the face? Well, he got fined for that.

There’s part of me that feels that Chara rightfully did that because Gallagher is fucking annoying. I know I would be pissed if that happened to one of our players and know logically that you can’t let that behavior go unchecked. So, a fine is fine, I guess.

So, every day I know you, just like me, wonder who sits by whom in the Bruins charter plane rides on road trips. I now have some of the answers thanks to Conor Ryan of the Boston Sports Journal. (Yes, I know, paywall.)

Turns out that Sean Kuraly sits next to Jake DeBrusk after a season of sitting next to Noel Acciari and the year before, Riley Nash. Jake DeBrusk originally wanted to sit next to Anders Bjork but Kuraly muscled in.

“I sat with Riley Nash my first year — and he left,” Kuraly explained. “I had Noel Acciari my last year, and he left. Now it’s (Jake) DeBrusk — me and JD sit together. And he’s a good seatmate. He knows to leave me alone. I don’t want to be bothered. No, we get along. We’re good buddies.”

“I had Bjorkie when we first came in. Me and Bjorkie decided we were going to stay together no matter what. … I actually had my own spot for a bit, but then when Bjorkie came back, he wanted that spot. This year Sean came in and was like, ‘Hey is anyone sitting here?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s going to be Bjorkie’s spot.’

“He goes, ‘Oh, it’s Bjorkie’s spot? I’m sitting here for the rest of the year.’ So we’ve been sitting together now. And, Bjorkie sits right in front of us. But he was so upset with me. He was so mad. I was just like, ‘Dude, it’s a hot seat.’

Now Anders Bjork, who has been described by other teammates as being a talker, sits in front of those other two with Charlie McAvoy.

Chris Wagner likes to sit up front at the card table near Brad Marchand, with Torey Krug, David Krejci nearby. Matt Grzelcyk and Danton Heinen sit in the seats behind the card table.

Brandon Carlo likes sitting with Joakim Nordstrom, mostly because he doesn’t appear to have bodily functions.

“The past two years I’ve been next to Nordy (Joakim Nordstrom),” Brandon Carlo said. “I kind of just offered that seat up when he came to the team last year. And he’s a good guy to have on a long flight. He’s courteous, doesn’t fart a lot, so it’s all good.”

“Um, I think there’s a couple guys who are a little stinky,” Carlo said.

Well, that’s very good to know.

Finally, Pasta got a puppy! It’s 9 weeks old and looks like it could be a dog similar to Kuraly’s dog, Beau, a Bernerdoodle.

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Ok, that puppy is damned cute.

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Hi All!
Never sit next to the high protein diet types. My oldest is a body builder and, sorry, you stink, son. We reffed together a lot. He liked to have the side of the rink where the player’s benches are so he could “crop dust ’em”. It was funny to see players on the bench looking at each other like “WTF, bro?” He may have caused a player to hurl once.
Great day on my favorite river yesterday. Mountain creek through the woods, so beautiful! !!

The London Bear
The London Bear

Good advice, I guess?! One of my darts teammates isn’t averse to a bit of the old chemical warfare…

Wings tomorrow? Wonder if the Bs will bother turning up this time.