Morning Free Association: Winnie and Brandon

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It’s time we had a palate cleanser after the tragedy of the last week. This week it comes in the form of another English Bulldog: Winnie Carlo.

Winnie is my favorite Bruins dog. She’s adorable. She’s spunky. She’s energetic. And she loves her daddy, even if he gives her a bath.

Winnie has a little sister, Emmy Lou, who is a Bernese Mountain dog. While the inspiration for getting the very good girl Winnie was defensive partner Torey Krug’s pup, Fenway, he has called compared his still growing Berner Emmy to himself and Winnie to Krug because of their respective sizes.

Speaking of Carlo and Krug, Brandon Carlo had press availability via Zoom from his home in Denver yesterday. One of the topics that came up was Torey Krug’s contract situation. Carlo obviously wants Torey to stay.

Other topics included his recovery from concussion, a return to play possibly this summer and the Bruins chapel group being active during this time of uncertainty.

It’s good to see Carlo is better. Hopefully we’ll see all the players back as soon as this outbreak is over.

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Hi folks.

Set up a dartboard in our outhouse. It’s a bit of a strange arrangement – I have to stand outside and throw into the building but it works!

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