Morning Free Association: Delayed

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I wanted to go into a deeper dive on escrow, the salary cap, the CBA, and such today but I realised that I need to spend a little more time to make it digestible. So, I’m delaying it until next week.

In the meantime, we’re observing Independence Day today here in the states even though the holiday falls on Saturday. It seems kind of empty and hollow since all the huge gatherings that we enjoy on this day have been swept to the side due to the ongoing pandemic and our internal social issues. But, hey, it’s a day off from work.

So, enjoy the day, and we’ll be back with hockey related stuff on Monday.

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Happy 3rd of July, everyone.

The London Bear
The London Bear

Hi folks.

Happy nearly 4th of July to you!

Tom Cruise was born on the 3rd of July, then he starred in Born on the 4th of July. There ya go.

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Happy long weekend to all those who have one. I’m enjoying being lazy so far.