Morning Free Association: One Down, None to Go

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Brad Marchand predicted that the hockey would be sloppy this summer. After four months of no hockey, the Bruins faced the Blue Jackets in their one and only exhibition game. Based on how they looked, perhaps the B’s should have asked for another game.

The Bruins’ first period was just awful to watch with the exception of faceoffs. They were awesome on the dot.


With the B’s coughing up pucks (ahem, Sean Kuraly) and taking many penalties (three in the 1st) they were lucky to be down by only three goals in the first with only one power play goal against.

Kuraly would make up for it other ways later on; an assist on a Pasta goal and by knocking around Emil Bermstrom and other Jackets’ players.

Tuukka and the team in front of him looked better in the second period before Jaro Halak took over at the 10 minute mark. Halak let in nothing due to some great work, luck, and an improved team upon the first period effort.

Pasta scored over halfway through the period, assisted by Kuraly and Charlie McAvoy, which was nice. Unfortunately, the B’s fell short by three goals after a last minute empty net goal.

One of the bad things about this game looks to be an injury to Brad Marchand.

He left the game not to return.

After the game, Pasta was asked about how it felt to play in an empty arena.

Aw! What a sweet boy he is.

Postgame, Bruce Cassidy confirmed that Tuukka would be in net on Sunday against the Flyers.

That game will be on NBC at 3pm on Sunday. And it counts toward the round robin. It’s an official hockey game.

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Well, playoffs pre-season did not look so great for the Bruins.
Hopefully they can get their mojo back before losing any of the games that count.

The London Bear
The London Bear

Morning folks.

Well, that wasn’t really worth staying up for. Or was it? Jury’s out.

Too darn hot. Meant to drop ten degrees tomorrow, though.


Wow! That was a really fast exhibition season! The Bruins will be fine. They started tightening things up as the game went along. Still, many turnovers in their own end, unforced errors in the neutral zone, and a less than desirable success rate in battles along the boards. CBJ’s defense was mobile and sharp. They move the puck out of the D zone really well. Okay, games begin to count now. Make sure B rad is healthy and play better!!
Finally got my Tacoma registered!!! Woo hoo! It’s been dog years since it was last out on the road.
Time to get Jo’s coffee!!