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Intellectually, I know that this is still the same Bruins team that reached 100 points before the break and won the President’s Cup. I know this is the same team that downright dominated the league, had a couple of valleys of poor play, but bounced back seemingly stronger than ever. However, what I’ve seen on the ice in Toronto just looks like a different team who has lost each of their three contests.

I bet Leafs fans are laughing about this, the Bruins being beaten on Toronto ice. Still, we know if we get a Leafs-Bruins series, the B’s will still win that.

Even though the Bruins lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning, there was promise, a stirring that maybe the beast within the Boston hockey team would be unleashed at long last. It took nearly 7 complete periods for us to see it but once it was noted, the team seemed to play at that higher level.

In this loss, the Bruins have officially lost the number 1 seed and can place no higher than the 3rd seed, depending upon the outcome of the Flyers – Capitals game today and winning the game on Sunday against the Caps.

“Well, that part [stinks],” Cassidy said. “I’m not going to lie to you. But that’s the situation this year with the stoppage of play. We knew the rules going into it that we would lose a bit of the advantage we gained. So we are where we are now. We’re just trying to win a hockey game right now, get our game together for 60 minutes so that we can be at our best so whoever we meet.”

Probably the most interesting save of the game:


I hope the team gets it together before Sunday.

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They’re definitely showing some rust. Tampa was as well, but they were closer to ready than the B’s.
Some sloppy passes, lack of awareness of where teammates were. Early on, they couldn’t get any rhythm going in the O-zone, but that got better.
This felt like a Bruins early to mid-season effort. Lots of holes, but good enough to compete with a bad opponent. Half of a game.

The London Bear
The London Bear

Hi folks

Much better performance last night. For the first time I actually enjoyed watching the Bs in the bubble! A shame they’re still yet to actually LEAD in a match, but y’know, baby steps.