Morning Free Association: Elimination Wednesday

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Yesterday was Elimination Wednesday. So many series were on the brink of completion: Columbus – Tampa Bay, Arizona – Colorado, Montreal – Philadelphia, and Carolina – Boston. All but one of those series wrapped up. Tampa Bay had to play yet another overtime to decide the game because Columbus wouldn’t just die. Arizona put up absolutely no fight, demonstrating that while they were good enough to beat the Preds, neither of them should probably have been anywhere near the playoff structure.

Get out!

Only Montreal refused to bow out gracefully, living on to play again on Friday.

The Bruins won 2-1, advancing to the second round on the sticks of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron, both on the power play. Bergy’s last second effort to score the game winner is just another gorgeous and improbable goal to add to his legend.

The Pancakes just couldn’t get a good shot in after the first and they also couldn’t get out of their own way. So, home they go.

David Pastrnak played for the first time since Game 1. He had assists on each of the goals. And he was adorable after the game, which is super important to know.

So, who’s next? Since Montreal bought another game and the Isles – Caps series could wrap up as early as tonight and as late as Sunday, we don’t exactly know yet. Should the Isles advance, the Bruins would play Tampa Bay. If the Caps pull an upset, the Bruins would play them. Of course, this assumes that Philadelphia eliminates Montreal.

Thankfully, the Bruins have a few days off before the next round begins.

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Great to see the Bruins put this one away. Don’t let an inferior opponent hang around. Carolina is a decent team, but not truly a peer of the Bruins. In Game 5, the B’s seemed to not capitalize on the times where they were playing well, and got bailed out by their power play. The end of game 4 they showed what playoff-Bruins can look like, and we need to see more of that. Next round they aren’t going to be playing a team who they significantly outclass.

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. We’ve reached the point in Work From Home where my boss and I have been sending Ren & Stimpy gifs on the work chat.


You’re in the comfort zone!!


Good Morning!!!
Glad the Bs got it done right away! No sense letting an opponent hang around. Get out of this bubble now! I was surprised that Reimer started. Hasn’t the poor guy been tortured enough by the Bruins? Jeez, give him a break.
Bergy, he’s the best!!
Work, work, work today!! Vacay starts Friday afternoon!!!