Morning Free Association: Questions

What has 11 forwards, 7 defensemen, and supposedly played a game last night?

If you answered “a dumpster fire” you would be technically correct.

You're not wrong

First of all, let’s admit the obvious: a back-to-back in the playoffs when they have no other events planned in the arena is stupid. There is a reason they space games to be every other day in the postseason (the level of play is elevated) and playing a back-to-back even without travel decreases that ability to play.

Secondly, when you lose by a goal in overtime, you do not need to re-invent the wheel. Bruce Cassidy was forced to take out Sean Kuraly (unfit to play) and decided to take Anders Bjork and Connor Clifton out of the lineup, replacing only one forward, Par Lindholm, and then running seven D; Jeremy Lauzon and John Moore joined the lineup. Even after replacing Jaroslav Halak after the fourth goal he let in, they still lost 7-1.

When he has young studs like Jack Studnicka and Karson Kuhlman, why he went with seven D is beyond me. I guess he wanted to give some of the older defensemen a break. It didn’t work.

Congratulations, Bruins: the Tampa power play found it’s mark and scored on you three times.

I’m done talking about this now.

On another note: while the NBA and MLB suspended play of some games due to players boycotting in protest in the latest shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man who was shot in the back seven times in Wisconsin,  the NHL held a moment of reflection or whtever they called it. I was disappointed by it and I was not alone.

The Bruins technically decided to not play last night, so it’s a sort of boycott, I guess? (I joke. Perhaps I shouldn’t be.)

The truth is that while the NHL decided to dip their toes into the waters of equality for all and to pay only lip service by stating “Hockey is For Everyone”, doing literally nothing of consequence when racism rears it’s ugly head in society, it’s hard to want to support the league and it’s players. Racism isn’t dead and it affects nearly all communities all over the country, including their home cities, even in Canada. While no one player will end racism, players have a platform and can take a stand, perhaps influence some of their fans to get involved, and it takes off from there.

I’ll paraphrase a tweet from the Black Girl Hockey Club: we love hockey but we’re disappointed and want you to do better.

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Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Thank you for what you said, VA and you said it a lot better than my feeble brain could. Think I will continue to not watch the NHL because I can’t support this league when it’s clear they don’t give a shit about BIPOC and continue to make them do all the work in speaking out against racism.

Also been thinking a lot about this:

We take and take and take from BIPOC culture and give them no support in return.

The London Bear
The London Bear


Exhausted yesterday – was in bed an hour before the game started! Glad I didn’t force myself to stay up for a period.

I had hoped the whole global pandemic thing would usher in an era of people looking out for each other more. Oh well!


Not so good morning,
Dumpster fire is too generous a term for the Bs effort last night. I have to agree, there was no need to tear up the line up and replace the energy of the young guys with “experience”. Studnickas absence was particularly annoying. That kid has been a breath of fresh air on this team. Anyway, forget about that game.
Should the games have been played? I don
t know. I feel its people, the public, that needs to act, not athletes. Athletes have proven over and over that they arent role models. I know this… our country is really fucked up right now. We all need to show up and advocate change, at the voting booth and in our everyday life. A nation divided against itself cannot stand…. at least not for long. Tough times ahead, my friends.


Stripes, btw.