Morning Free Association: The Curious Case of the Minor Major Penalty

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It wasn’t until after IW was done with work for the day yesterday that I realized something was amiss. IW had checked Twitter and found a couple of relevant tweets:

While I don’t follow Jimmy Murphy because he’s less than reliable, he has a point.

But, the thing that’s more important is the NHL Player Safety tweet stating that Alex Ovechkin was fined for spearing Trent Frederic. Funny, he wasn’t penalized for Spearing but rather Slashing. Those are two very different penalties with two very different and distinct amounts of penalty time.


While Frederic did engage with Ovechkin and technically cross-checked him, Ovi dished a clear spear to Freddy’s nether region, a “cup check” if you will, which did momentarily stun the young pest. It was not a slash. It was also not a spear attempt that failed to hit the mark. It was a spear. According to Rule 62, it should have been a major penalty and a game misconduct because the major was assessed, which would have put the Bruins on the power play after Frederic’s time was served and Ovechkin would have been tossed from the game. The refs got the call wrong, whether on purpose or not, and Ovi at the very least deserves the fine because nothing.

Rule 62

It’s hard to not believe that Ovi got preferential treatment in this case. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time this happens.


it occurs to me that I made a mistake yesterday in posting the tribute video for Zdeno Chara. I will correct that.

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Hi Pals!
Dr Needawin here. Beat those Caps!
B rad would get 3 games for that spear, no doubt about it. There are unwritten rules in hockey. When the agitator gets under the star’s skin, the unwritten rule is to keep said star in the game. It’s not written… it’s understood. Weird, but true.

Mixed mortar all day yesterday for my shower – custom, walk in shower with bench. Those bags of mortar are 60 lbs each. Another 250 lbs to mix today after I put the liner in. Woo hoo!

The London Bear
The London Bear

I guess it makes sense in a way – you want the stars to be able to play their game without being constantly cheap-shotted. The pests might think twice if they know that retaliation by the star will go unpunished. They have to learn what they can get away with …

Those bags of mortar are 60 lbs each

You’re in better shape than me! I had to carry a 45lb bag of fertiliser for my neighbour the other week. That was a struggle!


Prep school was my highest level of hockey. New England prep hockey is very coach driven. (John Gardner, 30 years atAvon Old Farms turning out NHL all stars like it was easy). I’m told college hockey is very similar. There are scouts in the stands. They are not there to see agitators. Keep the star player in the game. In pro hockey it’s probably more driven by economics, but the result is the same.

In regards to fitness, I’m finding out how out of shape I am! Also, I’ve found that each bag gets.moved 4 – 5 times before being poured. Maybe I will get back into shape before we’re done here. grin


That’s how you know if moving stuff is a burden – when you know exactly how many times you’ve moved each one. lol