Morning Free Association: The NHL Season Just Got Longer

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It was an optional skate day for the Boston Bruins so there’s isn’t much news other than some media availabilities. Kevan Miller and Jarred Tinordi showed up for the morning skate, the former in a regular practice sweater and the latter in a fishbowl.

Really, though there are many other stories out there in the NHL. One that caught a bunch of people’s attention was Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner speaking out about the NHL reportedly stepping back from their promises to ease the COVID restrictions once teams had been vaccinated.

Lehner who openly talks about his own battles with Bipolar 1, ADHD, and PTSD is expressing his dissatisfaction and the dissonance with what he has been told and what is happening.

“We had a meeting when the season started in the beginning of camp, that pretty much told us, you can’t go outside of your house, can’t do anything, can’t go to the grocery store, can’t do nothing on the road, you can take a meal in the meal room but go sit in your room, don’t be with your teammates, don’t do this, don’t do that,” Lehner said.

“No one thinks about the mental impact. And there are people struggling. I know people will say, ‘Oh, you are millionaires, this and that, you’re crying, what about these guys?’ We care about that too, man. No matter what people think. This is a society problem. But when government, corporations, NHL, are taking decisions in terms of these irrelevant things like ‘competitive edge’ over the human being, it’s not OK, man.”

I understand it. Depression sucks away at your mental energy, feeds you lies about yourself and the world around you, and makes you want to bury yourself under a rock. For many people with mental illness — treated and untreated — this pandemic has been rough. Isolation itself feeds more into these lies we tell ourselves. I feel for him and anyone else, especially when they’re on the road and feeling all alone.

The Golden Knights’ schedule just got longer due to COVID. Originally set to end on May 8th, the last day of regular season play, they now have to play through May 12th, ending their season in one-time viral hotbed San Jose. Road games are no fun spent alone in your hotel room.

But that’s not all. With the VGK in first place in the west, the season will go on from there, possibly for two months more. The NHL had promised no bubbles this year but if players are vaccinated with the two week buffer and still masking up like the general public had been encouraged to do for over 13 months now, there’s no reason why players can’t enjoy some other aspects of normal life safely during the playoffs. Not lifting certain restrictions seems a bit harsh. Sure, you have to account for the idiots who don’t practice the safeguards, but you can’t punish everyone for those players. At a certain point, you have to trust that the players that have been force-fed good manners and routines will be able to live safely when you lift restrictions.

Robin Lehner is the rare outspoken NHL player. While his message may have come out in a way that people didn’t like or in a way that he didn’t mean because talking to the press is hard, he didn’t say anything that other players aren’t thinking and feeling.

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Silly of the NHL to make promises to players wrt covid. There’s still so many unknowns it’s impossible to say anything for definite when it comes to what things will be like in the future.

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At least this gets a little attention now. It used to be just a thing for hippies & climate scientists


VGK just clinched a playoff spot.