Morning Free Association: The Offseason Begins

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It’s too early for a true post-mortem. The body of the 2021 Boston Bruins is barely cold and the rigor mortis has begun to set in. We have to wait for this corpse to relax before we begin the examination which will come in form of break up day and getting a clearer, well uh, less cloudy idea of where the B’s stand. Right now, nothing looks good.

First up: trying to figure out what will happen with UFAs Tuukka Rask, David Krejci, and Taylor Hall. Of course, none of these guys should they want to sign/ re-sign will be able to do so until after the Seattle Expansion Draft on July 21. But let’s start today by talking about Tuukka.

Tuukka Rask:

We all know that Tuukka turned out to have an injury that limited him to 24 games and saw him miss over a month of time during the regular season. At times when asked, Bruce Cassidy claimed that the injury wasn’t responding to treatment as well as they had hoped, which set off some red flags regarding the nature of the injury which is assumed to be a back injury. After Wednesday nights Game 6 series-ending loss, Tuukka didn’t want to make his injury the headline.

Rask wouldn’t disclose the nature of his ailments after the Bruins’ 6-2 loss to the Islanders in Game 6 on Wednesday night, which eliminated Boston from the playoffs. “I don’t think that needs to be the headline now,” said the goalie, who stopped 23 of 27 shots in the loss.

Rask was pulled after two periods in Boston’s Game 5 loss on Monday night, with coach Bruce Cassidy saying “there was some maintenance that needed to be done” and that Rask “wasn’t himself.”

Tuukka also may need surgery.

I suspect that he had some kind of herniated disc, a troublesome issue that can sometimes resolve itself on it’s own but often needs surgery to relieve the pain and occasional limb numbness that comes from the compression in the spinal column. While activity rather than sedentary measures are suggested to alleviate the pain, athletes can often injure themselves more with the repetitive motions their jobs require. Like I said, I suspect this could be the issue. Of course, it could be far worse: Nathan Horton managed to only play 36 games of his seven-year deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets before he was diagnosed with a degenerative back injury that forced an end to his career and threatened his quality of life.

Tuukka isn’t saying anything about his future right now and that’s understandable. He has stated his desire to play and to remain with the Bruins as recently as this past offseason. He and his agent decided to play through the season before talking about a new deal. But all of this depends upon whether or not he can recover from this injury with surgery or not, whether or not the Bruins want to bring him back, and if he actually wants to play or retire.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. Have the day off today so I’ve been spending the morning hanging out in bed with Nugget and watching some episodes of Trixie & Katya’s podcast.

The London Bear
The London Bear

Sounds good. Days off are for de-stressing (unless you’re like Sonia and find relaxing stressful!)


I keep saying that I’m going to watch some Trixie & Katya video stuff, but it never happens

The London Bear
The London Bear


My Dad’s had trouble with herniated discs, and one which has worn away completely. He’s on a proper cocktail of painkillers – in no shape to be goaltending in the NHL. Of course, my dad is a bit older than Tuukka ….


Good Morning!
There is a sort of relief with the season ending. I sought the solace of the river yesterday evening and that was just what I needed.
My gut feeling is that Tuukka will not return. I’m not sure he wants to return. I’m not sure the front office (particularly Cam) wants him back. Go with the kids, pick up a Jaro or Craig Anderson for insurance and use the extra do re mi on Messrs Krejci and Hall. I guess I have it all figured out…. except how do we get Victor Hedman? It will all unfold through the dog days… I won’t have to be somewhere to watch… Sweenius will take care of everything!