Happy Black Friday

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. I got to watch an NFL team on a 5 game losing streak play a team on a 14 game winless streak. As is tradition.

Another tradition? Is for the Bruins to host a matinee game on Black Friday. Today is no exception. The B’s host the Rags at 1PM EST.

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Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all. I am still very full.

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Good morning!
Yes, a great Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had as happy a day.as we did. We going to play disc golf today. There’s a course right on the island.
Also, the B’s took care of business Wednesday… as they should vs Buffalo.

The London Bear
The London Bear

Apparently there are six disc golf courses in London, although my closest one is 10 miles away. Might have to check it out in the spring.

The first period of the Buffalo game was a lot of fun. The rest of it not so much. At one point Pasta, Nosek and Debrusk were on the ice together. Not sure how that happened. It was a decent shift though!

Zboril is getting better and better.