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I wish I could tell you I was awake for the entirety of last night’s game. As you may recall, we have a bulldog mix named Boomer who requires tucking in at night. On game nights, we retire to the guess room, aka Boomer’s room, and I watch the game in a darkened room while petting Booms and rubbing his tummy until he is pretty much asleep. Last night, I draped a heavy, crocheted chenille blanket that I made for IW 21 years ago on me as I sat with my boy, who quickly trapped my arm under him. Then I fell asleep for the next two periods with a few exceptions. I do not regret any of this because we had a great time and Boomer has become a cuddly boy as of late.

The Boston Bruins didn’t need me until the shootout for which I was fully awake.

The game started out with the Islanders looking look they weren’t the ones on a cross-country flight all day yesterday, which is categorically true. They had a couple of scoring chances early but Ullmark was sharp even if his teammates weren’t. But nearly 7 minutes in, Zach Parise committed a goaltender interference penalty. It took only 15 seconds for the Bruins to convert. David Pastrnak shot from just above the circle and Jake DeBrusk tipped it.

Nineteen seconds later, DeBrusk would score his 11th goal on the season.

Because we can’t have nice things, Josh Bailey brought the Islanders within one before the end of the period.

More than halfway through the second period, Noah Dobson tied it up. But the Bruins weren’t done because a hero that we need and perhaps don’t deserve appeared to regain the lead. ON the penalty kill, Sis’s Favorite Player Derek Forbort, aka Derek Scorebort, aka Darla’s Dad, did something he’s never done before; score a short-handed goal.

Bit in the third, pesky Casey Cizikas tied it up once again. This would go to overtime and the shootout.

Again, Jake DeBrusk came up big countering Mathew Barzal’s score. David Pastrnak would back him up and win it.

Bruins win!

Jake DeBrusk had 3 points on the night (2G,1A) and is riding a four-game point streak (3G,3A).

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The London Bear
The London Bear


That whole penalty kill was insane – two good scoring chances even before Forbort’s goal. It was better than most power plays!

My broadcast cut to a break just as it looked like a fight was breaking out! Dont know if that happened to you too.

Snow is slowly disappearing but it’s still mighty cold.

Satan 81's Sister
Satan 81's Sister

Morning all.

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I just knew Forbort would be a key player on this team when the Bruins signed him! lol

But seriously, what a great pick up he turned out to be. He’s my 7th Player vote getter and the First Star of my heart!

Long-Winded Striped Mofo
Long-Winded Striped Mofo

Good morning,
The Bs avoided the trap! We all know that the Isles are a PITA. I was waiting for Pageau to ruin my night, but the Bs stayed strong. They nearly ended it in the late minutes of regulation and again in o/t. Ullmark was big when he needed to be…. way too often for my liking.
Going back on the job this morning. Another half inch of snow last night… hoping the roads are good. The road up Rowe Mountain is steep! There are two runaway truck ramps on the way down, if that tells you anything. Why someone would drive a truck down it on a good day puzzles me. The job itself is pleasant, once the sun is on it.


The first time I heard Pageau’s name mentioned last night, my heart sank. “I forgot he was on that team. He always scores on us. We are fucked.”
The relatively low shot count from the Bruins was frustrating, as was how successful NYI was at turning dump ins into transition.

The London Bear
The London Bear

That really felt like a scheduled loss, especially against a team that has given the Bruins so much trouble in the past. Big result to get the two points there