Author & Editor Notes

“Post” – an article on the site, such as a GDT, MFA, or BoT update. A Post by default allows comments
“Event” – An entry on a calendar. An Event does not allow commenting by default.
“Page” – A page is a container for a set of Posts, Events, and Widgets. Each page can have a seperate layout.
“Widget” – A widget is a tiny single-purpose program that displays something. Each heading on the sidebar is a widget.

We currently have 3 calendars at Bobby To Bergy
– The Event Calendar. This is the publicly visible calendar. It is used to provide the data for the Next Game widget on the sidebar of the front page. Access it by pulling down the Events menu at the top of the screebn and select View Calendar
– The Event History calendar. This is an internal calendar maintained by the WordPress software. It logs when Events (but not other Posts) were published on the site. It only seems to log stuff in the past. Access it from the Dashboard => Events => Calendar
– The Editorial Calendar, a.k.a. the Posts Calendar. This is a calendar we use internally to schedule articles (“Posts”) for the site. Access it from the Dashboard => Posts => Calendar

Scheduling a Post:
When you need to publish a Post at a time in the future, create the Post, and in the upper right corner, there is a panel that allows you to save a Draft, or Publish the Post. By default, the Post will appear immediately when you press the \ button. Above that there is a line that says “Publish Immediately Edit” – to change the publish time, save the draft using the <Save Draft> button, then select the Edit link on that line. It will then allow you to schedule a specific time for the Post to appear. The time is in 24-hr military format, in the EST/EDT time zone. Once that time is set, clear the checkbox marked “Publish future post immediately”! Now (and only now) click the <Publish> button.

Twitter Feed test:
[fts_twitter twitter_name=Bruind Official Twitter search=@NHLBruins]
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Twitter Search Feed for @NHLBruins
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