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Morning Waiting Association: April 14

Good morning B2Bers. Well, we’ve got one more day of work before the Bruins are back to take on Ottawa for game 2 of the opening round. What’s with the two days off!? Doesn’t the scheduler know that we only need one day in between games or else the manic highs and lows of playoff hockey start to turn into a longing despair of emptiness!!
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Morning Playoff Association: April 7

I wanted to do something fun, as this will be my last regular season Friday MFA. While bored at work, I’ll take songs and give them new lyrics, mostly for a Bruins theme. I’ve done that for you again here this morning. The song I’ve chosen for you today is The Season’s Upon Us by Dropkick Murphys. Normally a Christmas song, but, it works.

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Morning Free Association: March 24

I could go into a review of the game, but I don’t want to. The Bruins lost to the Lightning 6=3 and everything sucks. I thought about doing a food pairing, but really we’re getting down to the bottom of the roster and does anyone care what Hayes would be? I don’t. Right now this Bruins team is playing like an over cooked steak. Should be much better, but it’s just a huge disappointment.

8 games to go.

Morning Food Association: March 17

Top of the mornin’ to you all! Today’s morning food association is not a current roster player. In fact, this player has only played a whopping eight games in his Boston Bruins career, having completed a grand scoring line of 0-0-0 during his time wearing Black and Gold. This player does have the distinction of being the only Irish born player in Bruins history, and that is none other than Jack Riley. Born on December 29th, 1910 in Berckenia Ireland, Riley played for three teams in the NHL (Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins). His time as a Bruin took place for the 1935-1936 season, where he’d finish playing for the Boston Cubs in the Can-Am league. The 35/36 season would be his last in the NHL.

So if I’m pairing food from an Irish player on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s gotta be corned beef & cabbage right, but for someone who’s only played 8 games in this great city, it just doesn’t feel right does it? But as the kids say,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.