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It’s Very Quiet Out Here

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It has been a quiet weekend in the hockey world.

As we are only a few days into the season, we haven’t seen much yet. Although we briefly had Ottawa and Montreal tied for the division lead at a stunning 1-0-1.

Six Bells Abaft: Green Horns Be A Scorin’

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Ahoy, B-to-B-ers! Last night, the Bruins’ land-lubber squad faced off once again against that red scourge, the Washington Capitals, this time in the nation’s capital and without old salts like Zdeno Chara and David Krejci. This time the Caps had regular scalawags Braden Holtby, Matt Niskanen, TJ Oshie, and Nicklaus Backstrom playing to get in ship-shape. T’would be a much higher scoring affair than Saturday’s game, no shootout needed. Continue reading