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Morning Free Association 4/13/16 Let the Playoffs Begin

The playoffs start tonight!
The playoffs start tonight!

…And the Bruins are gonna miss it.

Oh. Crap.

The first 3 games of the 2016 playoffs happen tonight. (See the next-game widget on the front page)

If you want to join the b2b playoff bracket, you’ll need to act fast.

Even if the Bruins are not there, playoff hockey rocks.
LET’S GO XXX ADOPTED TEAM!!! *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*

The Case for Retaining Claude Julien

There has been an outcry amongst certain members of the Boston sports media to fire coach Claude Julien if the Bruins failed to make the playoffs for a 2nd consecutive season.
Well the Bruins have failed to make the playoffs, and the working assumption is that the Bruins will terminate Claude Julien.
I would, at this time, like to make a case for why that is the wrong reaction. Continue reading