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Morning Free Association: Singing the Blues

Last night the Bruins took on the St. Louis Blues and, despite a good first period, ended up losing to the Blues 4-2. David Freakin’ Backes got the Bruins on the board first with a goal in the first period that was also the Bruins 20,000th goal.

Then the next period happened.
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Blues @ Bruins: That Period That Shall Not Be Named Game Thread

Bruins are up 1-0 thanks to David Freakin’ Backes. KEEP DOING AWESOME THINGS!

Some fun facts after the first period because I’m all about fun facts tonight:

So, who do we think gets goal 20,001?

Blues @ Bruins: The Game Thread for the Period That Starts the Game.

Tonight the Bruins host the St. Louis Blues, the team David Backes played for for 10 years. Both teams haven’t played since Saturday and both are coming off wins. Blues beat Nashville 3-1 while the Bruins beat the Jets 4-1.

Lines Lines Lines!






Some quick injury updates per Bruins Twitter:
-Khudobin will stay with Providence and may play in the game tomorrow.
-Pastrnak is progressing but still day to day.
-Vatrano skated today for the firs time since undergoing foot surgery.

A fun fact from the official Bruins game preview:
The next Bruins goal will be the 20,000th in franchise history (includes shootout deciding goals). They will be the second team to reach that milestone (Montreal).

Who do you think scores the 20,000th goal?

Morning Free Association: Viva Las Vegas!

Tonight the Las Vegas hockey team will finally unveil their team name and logo. The team has said that the name will be one of:

Silver Knights
Golden Knights
Desert Knights

I’m distressed as the lack of “Fucking Knights” as an option, but the important thing here is a new team means a NEW JERSEY AND IT BETTER BE A GOOD ONE!

Elvis is excited about hockey in Sin City. Are you?

And be sure to join us this evening when the Bruins take on the Blues!

Morning Free Association: Living on a Jet Plane

Morning all. Yay, it’s Monday. In case you missed it, the Bruins beat the Winnipeg “I Don’t Think You Even Tried” Jets 4-1. Shots were 38-12 so a pretty easy night for Rask. The Bruins actually had a very good Period That Comes After The First Period which saw them score three goals. Up is down and down is up! Beleskey, Marchand, and Bergeron all contributed to the fun.

If you’re looking for something to read to pass the time, Amalie Benjamin has a great article on about Jaromir Jagr.:

And stayed tuned to Bobby 2 Bergy this afternoon for another installment of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Jagr Fan Extraordinaire Phony Mahoney!

Hope you all had a good weekend!