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Morning Free Association: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Yesterday, the Bruins spent the day at the Saugus Walmart shopping for presents for children who have to spend the holidays in the hospital. This annual event often is fun to watch since we have so many young men on the team who are obviously large children trying to be adults. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A Grizzly Sight

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Who knew the return of Brett Ritchie from injury would be so momentous, leading to a solid win. Just kidding. Tonight Jake DeBrusk also returned to lineup, albeit on the third line presumably to limit his minutes after the injury. While Patrice Bergeron was held back by his lower body injury, having two other players back in the fold playing regular minutes was just what the team needed. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Returns to the Fray?

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It’s Tuesday and a game day in New Jersey. Currently plagued by injury issues, the Boston Bruins are hoping to get some of their regular players back tonight and later this week. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Three-Point Weekend

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We’re more than midway through this month and the Boston Bruins have played eight of their fourteen games this month and completed two of their three back-to-backs. Incidentally, the last of those comes the two days before American Thanksgiving, the traditional benchmark for determining which teams will likely make the playoffs. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Winging It

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The end of the week is here! For us, it might mean some time to relax, spend time with family, or to build that shed that FedEx finally delivered. For others, it means that they have two tough back-to-back games against the Leafs and the Capitals. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: It’s Awfully Quiet

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Yesterday, there was little word from the Bruins. While Bruins reporters wrote pieces detailing the third period collapse, the latest in the now four-game losing streak, there was no word of even a practice coming from the Bruins. As it turns out, they had the day off completely. Continue reading