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Morning Free Association: Potential Buyouts

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Surprise! It’s buyout season!

With the league year wrapping up within the next two weeks, the league has allowed a buyout period from today until Thursday October 8th, the day before the start of free agency. This could be a very important time for cap-strapped teams that need to shed some salary to get under the $81.5 million ceiling. The Boston Bruins could be one of these teams, according to Conor Ryan of the Boston Sports Journal. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Florida Yard Sale

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Well, it looks like things with the Panthers are not looking so rosy. After a season in which they spent money to attain some good players and after securing the services of head coach Joel Quenneville, the Panthers were quickly dispatched by the New York Islanders in the qualifying round of the playoffs. Soon afterward, longtime general manager Dale Tallon was fired and Bill Zito was hired to replace him. Now, Zito has to deal with a cap situation that is going to be a tough one to manage. He only has about $21 million to sign 10 players, both RFAs and UFAs. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: 37 of 37

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It’s official Autumn by nearly 24 hours now. At this point in the calendar year, we would be preparing for the upcoming hockey season beginning in the early days of October. Right now, training camps would still be open with the teams breaking out into groups to play a few exhibition games to both whittle down the roster and get the veterans some reps before the NHL faceoff. But, as we all know, while the calendar says September and we feel like it might be March 212th or Mid-June for all we know because the Stanley Cup Final is being played, we won’t be getting any Boston Bruins hockey any time soon. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Rest of the NHL Awards

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I know you’re dying, just dying to know who won the rest of the NHL Awards. I mean, you know that NBCSNPDQASAPTYAGN felt it was a high priority in terms of television viewership that they put it at that ever popular time when all the eyes would be on them: 6:30pm on Monday evening. Sure , it was aired just prior to NHL Live. But, it seems like it could have been done on another night when there wasn’t hockey, when it would be fleshed out a little more. Nope. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Canadian Stuff

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The Stanley Cup Final began on Saturday night. Surprise! Dallas took Game 1!

The Stars never lost their lead from the time they scored in the first. Though they had to share a tied score for about 20 minutes, once they broke that logjam, they were able to prevent the Lightning from scoring. It wasn’t easy since the Bolts led in shots on goal with 36 to the Stars’ 20. In fact, Dallas only took 2 shots in the third, one of which was the empty netter. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Your Stanley Cup Final

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If at the beginning of the year you predicted that the Stanley Cup Final would be played between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lightning, give yourself a pat on the back. If you also had “viral pandemic forces SCF to be played in mid-September” on your 2020 bingo card, you may want to play the lottery. Continue reading