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Morning Free Association: Celly SZN

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Finally, the Bruins have shored up one more player on their roster, added another piece of the puzzle, and are one more step closer to figuring this all out. Yesterday, Don Sweeney finally signed Jake DeBrusk. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: NHL’s Top Goalies

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The NHL has compiled a new list of the top 10 goalies right now. You may not be surprised by who is number 1 but the netminder at 10 just might. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New, Temporary Divisions

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Ugh, my “n” key keeps sticking making writing just about any word difficult. I generally love my MacBook Pro, even if it is counter intuitive in some ways, because it generally works well. Well, except for the rare instances in which a key sticks and it takes a while to get it to unstick. Once, it took 6 months for the “g” to right itself and it just wouldn’t type out a letter at all. At least right now, if I really push down on it, it will type a letter. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The D

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The other day I had a chat with a friend. We wondered about about what the plan for the defense this season. With nine potential players between the NHL and AHL rosters and possibly a free agent signing in Zdeno Chara, the Bruins defense is at a crossroads: Do they commit to a youth rebuild on the fly and move on from Chara or do they re-sign him and adjust him to a lesser defensive role while using his skills to coach younger players? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: David Pastrnak is Number 1

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I kind of trailed off in yesterdays post. There were more points I wanted to make while linking information gathered between multiple articles. And then I got tired. It was late and I should know better. So, I just wrote until I was barely awake.

So you might ask yourself, what else was it that I wanted to yammer on about?

how did I get here? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Front Office

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In the past week, various writers at The Athletic have been taking different looks at NHL teams. One article looks at each team’s contract situations including looking at bargain deals for clubs. Another surveys agents on a variety of NHL items from standout players in the Bubble to overall team health. Still another compares how each team’s front office is judged from outside and within the fanbase. Surprise, surprise, the Bruins didn’t do so well with their own fanbase. Continue reading