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Morning Free Association: Bruins Win!

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Originally, I wanted to call this something else but the ghosts of 2013 continue to haunt. The important thing to remember is that the Bruins won last night’s game and they did it without Patrice Bergeron. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Thank God It’s (Game) Four Day!

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Tonight the Bruins will take on the Maple Leafs in Toronto for game four of their series. As you might remember, Toronto took game 3 in an unevenly called game in which the Leafs came to play. They needed to or else they would have dropped to 0-3. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Forwards, Defensemen, or Goalies?

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It was an off-day for our intrepid Bruins in Toronto and today it’s kind of like our day off from playoffs coverage. Looking for some inspiration to give us a breather, I found an roundtable on ESPN (yeah, I know) regarding first year players and who each writer thought would have the better career. Rest assured our cub Charlie is in the mix and it probably comes down to what each individual values in a player. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bruins Still Lead 2-1

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Some nights you have it, some you don’t. Last night in Toronto, the Bruins definitely didn’t have it. The Leafs proved that they won’t go down easily and Babcock made some adjustments, like moving Tomas Plekanec up to the second line, that seemed to neutralize the Bruins. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Game Day Edition

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Tonight, the Boston Bruins take on the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 3 of their first round Stanley Cup Playoff series. Boston leads the series 2-0 after a resounding win on Saturday night 7-3, a game in which David Pastrnak had a hat trick and a six-point night. Pasta is the youngest player to achieve this feat in a playoff game and only one of two Bruins to do so. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: That Game Last Night

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Last night the Boston Bruins made a statement — they may not be the faster or younger team but they were the better team, at least last night. Continue reading