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Morning Free Association: Oil Spill

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Last night in Edmonton, the Bruins proved that they can indeed come back from a two-goal deficit. While the Oilers owned the first two periods, that Boston team we all know and love took possession of the game in the third and never gave it back. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Flaming the Flames

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I’m so glad we have Brad! Seriously, who do you want to give the puck to in overtime? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Western Canada Roadtrip

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Well, I hope that no one stayed up to watch whatever that was on Saturday night in Vancouver. somehow, it turned out to be a worse game than I imagined, in the opposite way. You know it’s not a good game when Billy Jaffe advised in the intermission that the Bruins finish the game, get packed up, get onto the bus, and fly away to Calgary as soon as they could. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Noted Doctor

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The NHLPA has caught on to the Timmyheads. Yesterday, their website had a story about the Schaller brothers and that time that Tim had a life saving asset in defeating his brother’s rare blood disease, Aplastic Anemia. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy Birthday, Jags!

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Jaromir Jagr was unceremoniously released from his contract with the Calgary Flames on All Star Weekend. Well, he wasn’t released exactly, he was loaned to HC Kladno in the WSM Liga in Czech Republic, which he owns. Convenient, eh? Even though a return is unlikely, it isn’t completely out of the question; he still has a (suspended) contract with Calgary. Who knows what they’ll do with it. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: I Still Hate Dougie

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Well, last night’s game was a wild ride. Goals were scored early and then, not at all for a long period of time, Dougie getting physical, and not enough booing for him. First, a rant. Continue reading