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Morning Free Association: On to Tampa

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Whew! That was a close one. Raise your hand if all the air left your body after that second period in which Kasperi Kapanen scored that short-handed goal in which he deked and made it looked like Tuukka was stuck in the shootout?

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Morning Free Association: Do or Die

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It’s Wednesday which means it’s game day. Game 7 is tonight at the Garden at 7:30pm. It took me a little bit to find out where the game would be televised and it will be on NESN and NBCSNPDQETC so you get to choose which broadcast team you want if you’re lucky and if you’re not you get this:

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Morning Free Association: Game 7 Is Now Necessary

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After the game, I needed to calm down. At about the midway point of the third period of game 6, I started to lose hope that the Bruins would win. IT’s been about an hour since the end of the game, and I am slightly less angry. But, please, allow me to vent this morning for this is the only space I feel comfortable doing it besides terrorizing my dog by constantly yelling at my television screen and threatening to punch it out. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Ready for Game Six?

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Saturday night was not a good night for the Boston Bruins. With opportunity to close the series with a win at home, the Bruins came out flat, eventually losing the game. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bruins Win!

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Originally, I wanted to call this something else but the ghosts of 2013 continue to haunt. The important thing to remember is that the Bruins won last night’s game and they did it without Patrice Bergeron. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Thank God It’s (Game) Four Day!

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Tonight the Bruins will take on the Maple Leafs in Toronto for game four of their series. As you might remember, Toronto took game 3 in an unevenly called game in which the Leafs came to play. They needed to or else they would have dropped to 0-3. Continue reading