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Morning Free Association: We’re All One Team

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Just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey travelled through the gulf to make landfall in Texas, Americans in the most southeastern state had to prepare for another tropical cyclone, Hurricane Irma. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Letter from the Pope

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So, yeah, the Pope wrote a letter to the NHL praising them for their adoption of a Declaration of Principles. Yes, that pontiff, Pope Frankie! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Rules Change, Kinda, I Guess

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Yesterday, the NHL held their annual Media Day yesterday and a bunch of news came out…quietly. Oh sure, there was the letter from the Pope, which we’ll talk about tomorrow. The larger piece of real news will affect how the game is actually played. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Hockey Is Coming

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Today I want to focus on other things. Yesterday I said all I need to say about the large , dark cloud looming over Bruins’ fans’ picnic. We’re just going to say this and move on:

For hockey is on the horizon. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Sign Him

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When we left things before the long weekend, David Pastrnak’s agent J.P. Barry was going to start negotiating his client’s new deal with the Boston Bruins. Much has been written about what the offers have been ($6 million for either 6 or 7 years) and Barry finally said that he is looking for max term for Pastrnak, which should be good news for everyone. In wanting max term, they’re not looking for a bridge deal, which would be the worst possible outcome for the Bruins. This should be really good news but it’s going to take more than $6 million per to do it. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Labor Day!

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Hey, it’s Labor Day which means that most of us are not at work, potentially taking the day off from work and B2B. We’re over here celebrating the (unofficial) end of summer with a day in which we have cookouts or just laze about.

However, I did draw this up in case people wanted to check in and chat.

Real hockey starts soon.

Catch you tomorrow.