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Game Day! Penguins at Bruins Period 1B and Added Period 3!

Our favourite play-by-play guy may not be calling the game on air but he is on the Twittermachine.

What else is there to say?

Game Day! Penguins at Bruins Period 1A

So, this game starts at 7:30pm because of The Night You Love to Hate™ “Rivalry Night on NBCSNPDQASAPOMGWTFBBQ”. Yes, this is such a natural rivalry, this Penguins and Bruins matchup. Is it like Fashion Police where we’ll ask each other who wore it better? I mean C’MON both teams wear versions of black and gold, with only one being the true Black & Gold™.

Anyway, the Bruins hope to sweep the last game of the intraconference series against the Penguins at home at the TD Garden tonight. Both teams are vying for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with each sitting in the Wild Card (Bruins in 7th, Penguins in 8th) with only two points separating them. So, this game is actually pretty important. The Bruins are a disappointing 12-15-3 at home which isn’t encouraging expectations of a win tonight. Then again, it’s the Penguins who the B’s seem to know how to handle.

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Trade Tracker and Catharsis Thread


Bingo not once but twice.

The NHL Trade Deadline is looming over. What’s going to happen to Loui? We still have Loui. Will we be seeing some new faces in Bruins uniforms? We have Stempniak and Liles now.

Well, here’s a handy tracker/ catharsis thread that we’ll keep up on the front page until some time next week. The deadline is 3PM on Monday.

This article is “sticky”, and will remain atop the front page until the trade deadline expires. Look beneath it for new articles.


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