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Morning Free Association: Bye Bye, Mojo Jojo

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News broke on Saturday morning that Bruins trade deadline acquisition and half of the Swedish House Mafia, UFA Marcus Johansson signed with Buffalo. While it’s not surprising that he was signed within the first full week of free agency, what is surprising is that it took nearly five days and that the term and money was reasonable. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Point and Laugh

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Nothing new is happening in Bruinslandia right now. No trades, no new signings. However, we do have one thing to point and laugh at. It relates to the Bruins in the respect that it’s a longtime rival; you know them, you love to hate them, they’re the Montreal Canadiens! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Quiet

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Yesterday was a quiet day for the Bruins. No news of further signings, no news of any trades. No transactions at all.

As it stands, the Bruins do not have enough cap space to sign all of their RFAs especially the notable roster players.

Something has got to give and soon.

Morning Free Association: Bruins Moves

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Yesterday was the start of NHL Free Agency and the Bruins signed some players, some of which we’ve heard of and some that we haven’t. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy Free Agency Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day! What better way to celebrate than to make all the GMs work the phones, faxes, and other technologies to scramble to sign all the promising free agents that will all make their teams better, go to the playoffs, and win the Stanley Cup. Okay, wait a minute, that’s not it. What better way…to overpay for players, give them huge amounts of term and hope that you can unload that contract at an entry draft some years down the line. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Desert Yeti

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One thing that got lost in the shuffle of the NHL Draft was the fact that The Yeti, our former Swedish forward, cultural ambassador, and best friend to Loui Eriksson, Carl Soderberg was traded to the Arizona Coyotes. Continue reading