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Morning Free Association: Arbitration Day

Well, today’s the day. Ryan Spooner and the Bruins either come to an agreement or an arbitrator will hear the case, coming to a decision within 48 hours.

Yesterday, Mika Zibanejad signed a 5-year $26.5 million contract with the Rangers prior to his arbitration hearing. Will Spooner also sign one before his hearing?

I had something else I wanted to write for today but upon further reflection and the fact that I can’t always words well at 1am, I decided to save it for tomorrow. It involves a little bit of research, some rumination, and the ability to paste words together to create full sentences with actual thoughts other than, NO BRAIN, I SLEEP NOW.

Morning Free Association: Green Monster Seats

There’s really no news coming from the Bruins today unless you care about the O.R.G Packing sponsored China trip.

Remember when people were freaking out about David Pastrnak being back in town? Surely he was signing a new contract, right? Continue reading