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Morning Free Association: What NHL Players Are Doing Right Now

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Credentialed NHL writers have been scrambling with much success to write about other aspects of the NHL: the teams, players, and other employees affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. So far 4 NHL players have tested positive for the virus: 2 on the Avalanche and 2 on the Senators. These positive tests coincide with the last two home games that the San Jose Sharks played before the league shut down due to the pandemic. Of course, San Jose and the greater Bay Area of California are places that have been hit hard by the outbreak. Since late last week, writers have been given another way to communicate with players through the NHL: Zoom chats. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Playoffs or Regular Season?

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Were the season to resume any time soon, two top players in the league, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, are fine with the idea of skipping straight to the playoffs. While they both understand that players on other teams still vying for a playoff birth with those remaining 12-14 regular season games may want to continue on that path, they just want to move on. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Another Addition

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One thing about Don Sweeney: he loves a defenseman. Not only does he love a D-man, he loves an undersized one. Could it be that he himself was one (5’10, 184) and his power play specialist is also diminutive (5’9″, 185) and he really wants to keep him. Sure, there are exceptions to that rule – players well over 6 feet, of which we have several – but I like to think that Sweenius has a soft spot in his heart for the little guys who could. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: I’ve Got Nothing

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I could update you on Delaware-North employee handling but I’ve decided I won’t do that. Just know that it’s despicable and disheartening. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: How to Suck in Three Easy Steps

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Jeremy Jacobs is a terrible NHL franchise owner. Anyone who has lived through the various NHL lockouts knows this already. He has sucked for many years. However, in the last week alone, he has given a master class in being a terrible sports franchise owner in three easy steps: Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Lost in the Shuffle

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Last week the Boston Bruins signed a couple of players, both prospects who have put their college days behind them. While they will see no further playing time this season due to the Providence Bruins folding up their season, they’ll be more than ready for development camp and beyond, whenever that happens. Continue reading