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Morning Free Association: Your Stanley Cup Final

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If at the beginning of the year you predicted that the Stanley Cup Final would be played between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lightning, give yourself a pat on the back. If you also had “viral pandemic forces SCF to be played in mid-September” on your 2020 bingo card, you may want to play the lottery. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Krug and Chara

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The other day, or last week, last month, or sometime in this decade that’s passed since March, the Bruins in-house media put out a handy primer on the impending free agents, both restricted and unrestricted. Today, let’s talk about the big two, from the perspective of their media chats since the B’s were ousted from the playoffs. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: ECF Still Going…

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While I was convinced that the Islanders have overplayed and overstayed their welcome in the Eastern Conference playoff structure, they found a way to win the game more than halfway through the second overtime. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Dobby!

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Truthfully, I’m only peripherally paying attention to the Stanley Cup Playoffs right now. I haven’t been watching full games but rather getting some glimpses from time to time, checking on scores more than actually watching. But one thing that might make me perk up in the next couple of weeks is this: Anton Khudobin is going to be the starting goalie in the Stanley Cup Final. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Tough Look at the Roster

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As I mentioned on Friday, Cam Neely spoke to the media regarding the Boston Bruins roster. Maybe both he and Don Sweeney have a bee in their respective bonnets, but both executives seem to be talking about the team with a fire that suggests that their seats are getting a little too hot for their britches. Continue reading