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Morning Free Association: The Missing

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This weekend, Bruins prospects travelled to Buffalo to play in the fourth annual Prospects Challenge. The kids have done pretty well, winning their first two games against Pittsburgh and Buffalo, respectively. They play one more game today against New Jersey. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The End of Summer

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With players returning to Boston in time for training camp next week, it’s inevitable that the players will see the press again. One young player, a rising star if he isn’t a bona fide one yet, greeted the press in great fashion. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Staying Home

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Last week, Bruins players starting coming back to Boston for captains practices prior to the start of training camp, which begins next week. Late in the week, word came that Patrice Bergeron will not go to China to participate in the games against the Calgary Flames in Shenzhen and Beijing.
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Morning Free Association: A Suspension!

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On Friday, word broke that Nate Schmidt of the Vegas Golden Knights had failed a drug test for a performance enhancing substance. He is due to miss roughly a quarter of the season, 20 games, for testing positive for a banned substance. And he is automatically referred to the NHL/NHLPA Program for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Captains Practice

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Hockey is coming.

While we’re still in the throws of the hockey offseason, some members of the Boston Bruins are back on the ice at Warrior Arena. Yesterday was the first of the Bruins annual captains practices and so many players are back in town to participate. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A Possible Return

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Here we are at the end of August in the content dry zone. We’re not talking about Artemi Panarin because that situation looks dead. We have that extra left shooting defenseman we’ve been looking for but we could always use an extra forward who can give us that balance between the really young guys and the grizzled veterans. So Ty Anderson from the digital side of 98.5 The Sports Hub has a suggestion: trade for Tyler Seguin. Continue reading