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Morning Free Association: Deadlocked

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Somehow, election officials in Monrovia have been unable to count the solitary ballot. They seems to be afraid to open the envelope that it came in. Bodie Coyle’s legal team has insisted that this ballot arrived after the election day and cannot and should not be counted. He still asserts his victory despite receiving no votes. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Recount Begins!

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Whelp! Bodie Coyle, Golden Retriever Good Boy proclaimed victory last night before all the votes were tabulated. It’s amazing because I only saw 3 votes:

Winnie “Bugs” Carlo – 1

Otto “The Rocket Dog” McAvoy – 1

Otto the Busdriver – 1 Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Day is Here

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I would love to report of Bruins news today but there really isn’t any. There are no games to report on, no news on when the new season will start. Heck, none of the current Bruins players are even participating in Movember.

(I am worried about what will happen with Zdeno Chara.) Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Mental Health is Health

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It’s Monday which we all feel deep down in our bones.

And it’s officially November and it promises to be the most November that has ever Novembered. I mean, in some ways this whole year of the pandemic is like one long November. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Final Chapter (For Now)

After receiving a bunch of negative attention and bad press, the Arizona Coyotes have renounced their first draft pick of the 2020 NHL Draft, Mitchell Miller. They cited other reasons than the above, of course. But the cynic in me can’t help but think Coyotes President and CEO Xavier Gutierrez retrofitted an explanation of why they drafted this kid even after knowing about his abusive past. Continue reading