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Morning Free Association: Move it or Lose it

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The Boston Bruins find themsleves in a bit of a predicament. My favorite phrases for this are: “I’m up a tree” or “I’m in a pitcher of water here”. Both of those came a from a dear friend’s Gram and while I thought they were charming and funny then, I find them to be completely relatable now. Grandma Neal was prescient and kind. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Postponed

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Last night, the NHL postponed games from last night through tonight to join in the protest of racial inequality in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting. It was not a given nor an easy process for the league. However, with pressure from within by their players in the bubble and from without, including the Hockey Diversity Alliance, and other leagues, the NHL and the players decided to take the next two days off from playing so as to not divert America’s gaze from the injustice of this latest police brutality incident. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Better Luck Tomorrow…er, Today

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If you made a list of things that the Boston Bruins needed last night, no doubt neither “running into overtime in the first half of a back-to-back” or “losing in overtime” would be on said list. That’s exactly what happened last night. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Twosday

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Today is Tuesday. Since tonight is the second game of the second series for the Boston Bruins, today is actually Twosday.


Sorry, it’s been a slow news day. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Woo-hoo!

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The second round has started.


I know it’s hard to believe. It actually started with the Dallas Stars playing the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night. Last night, it was the Bruins – Lightning in primetime and it didn’t disappoint. Continue reading