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Morning Free Association: So Close, You Can See It

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It’s time to clear away the cobwebs, open your reliquaries, and brush off your Bruins sweaters and shirseys. Captains’ practices are here! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: What is Going On?

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We’re back from our long weekend road trip to Indianapolis. It’s a fun city with a lot of public art, hip dining establishments, and a lot of breweries and brewpubs. People are so friendly out there! We stayed at a neat-o art hotel called The Alexander. It was named after the city designer! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Backes’ Value

Hi everybody! We’re coming to you from Canton, Ohio where we stopped for the night on our holiday weekend roadtrip. Don’t worry, we’ll be back some time on Tuesday. However, due to checking in late and being unable to figure out the wi-fi situation without going back downstairs to the lobby, I’m writing this on my phone.

Here’s an article on what Sean Kuraly thinks about David Backes

Happy Labor Day weekend! See you Tuesday!

Morning Free Association: When Will The Offseason End?

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Seriously guys, there’s nothing out there. Just a black, shapeless void where the hockey season once stood.

Who’s going to play 2RW?

Who’s going to play 3C?

Where does Brett Ritchie play? Why do we have another Brett?

Will we have a right side defense at all this season? Can Karson Kuhlman play that spot?

Why is Blades so short?

These are the dumb things I have floating in my mind in place of actual hockey stuff.

Morning Free Association: Thirty Seven Days To Go

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There are 37 days until the start of the Bruins regular season. Well, actually, it was 37 yesterday. So, today makes 36 days.

Still since there is like nothing out there please admire a picture of our patron saint,  our lord and savior, Patrice Bergeron.