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Morning Free Association: Top Bruins

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Let’s end this tough hockey-less week on a positive note: the Bruins are awesome. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Pay Them

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As of Tuesday, thirty of thirty-one NHL franchises stepped up and agreed to pay their arena and gameday workers during this time when the season is paused. Throughout the US and Canada, along with many nations throughout the world, hourly wage workers, contract workers, and those who work in the hospitality and food serve industries are likely to lose paychecks, weekly and monthly incomes due to the cornoavirus outbreak essentially closing down many areas. Hopefully, the government will take care of those people who aren’t employed by millionaires. As for those who are employed by millionaires or billionaires, even if it is contract work through a parent company, they should be paid by that billionaire. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: So Your League Has Been Suspended

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It’s been a few days since virtually all sports have shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. While it is uncertain how the NHL will handle the remainder of the year, we now know that some leagues like the ECHL have just opted to end the season, pay players one more paycheck, and be done with it. This is a harsh reality for the players since they don’t make much money already and now will make less due to their season being over. Continue reading