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Morning Free Association: Whatever

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I could write a bunch of words here, make metaphors, write a clever haiku but all of that would be wasting my time like I did last night when I watched that game.

Morning Free Association: Gam3day

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It’s another playoff game day! This time the Bruins will host their first game in Boston against the Tampa Bay Lightning. After splitting the games in Tampa, Boston looks to dominate and take two games this time. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Well…

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The Bruins are definitely going to play a five game series after dropping last night’s game 4-2. Game 5 on Sunday is scheduled for 3pm. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: One Down, Three More to Go

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On Saturday afternoon, the Boston Bruins began their second-round series against the Tampa Bay Lightning down in Tampa. All things considered, it went pretty well. I mean, when the score involves a four-goal differential favoring your team, it’s really good. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Calm Before the Storm

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It’s Friday and we have one more sleep until more Bruins hockey on Saturday. That game is on at 3pm on NBC. We’re going to miss Jack and Brick for this round and on. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: On to Tampa

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Whew! That was a close one. Raise your hand if all the air left your body after that second period in which Kasperi Kapanen scored that short-handed goal in which he deked and made it looked like Tuukka was stuck in the shootout?

raise your hand Continue reading