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Morning Free Association:

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Yesterday, the Boston Bruins announced a charitable donation to Special Olympics Massachusetts. Over the next three years, the Boston Bruins Foundation will donate $1 million to the organization.

Morning Free Association: FFFFUUUUUU

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Guys, I have nothing today.

Sure there was some announcement on Twitter about the Bruins and some charitable thing or other being announced today.

But there’s nothing I can report on here. It’s like the Bruins just stuck up a middle finger to us this summer and said, “Sit and spin! See you in September, bitchez.”

We’re so close, yet so far.

Everybody go get some tacos and enjoy your Tuesday.

Morning Free Association: The Blades’ New Home

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With little to report on our beloved Boston Bruins, we turn our direction to another local hockey team, the Blades. After having spent last season playing in Winthrop, the now former Boston Blades have relocated to Worcester, changing their name to the Worcester Blades. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A Wild Ride

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I’m getting desperate here. I’ve heard rumblings from poor sources about Torey Krug trade rumors, but won’t dignify them in this space. There is nothing else going on. So, let’s entertain ourselves. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Puppy!

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Guys, there’s nothing going on. And it’s late and I’m tired. So, let’s check in on the NY Rangers’ pup, Ranger. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Spell it Right, Bitch

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Somehow over the course of the summer I have managed to forget about the impending doom that is Jaroslav Halak to Tuukka Rask. I guess I just plumb forgot that the Bruins backup net minder was the former starter for the Isles. Continue reading