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Morning Free Association: Montreal Typical

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After the previous night’s tough, hard-fought, third-period-driven win, the Bruins traveled to Montreal to take on the Canadiens. The rivalry is not what it once was, with the Habs near the middle of the pack in the Atlantic and the B’s primary rivalry firmly nesting with the Leafs. That doesn’t mean that Montreal, led by the former Boston Bench boss Claude Julien, isn’t a tough foe. With the B’s showing weakness on Monday night, then regaining their composure, the Habs figured to capitalize on that. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: I Can Walk Like a Penguin

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Last night’s game was not a sure thing. It looked like it was through the first period until the Bruins reverted to poor form in the second. But all was not lost, neither was the game. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Some Games Are Beautiful, Some Are Not

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If you watched Saturday night’s game, you saw an uneven game in which the Bruins looked unlike themselves for much of the first two periods. The defining moment was the Backes-Sabourin collision. David Backes was skating up the boards with a puck when Senators right wing Scott Sabourin checked him hard. Both men are 6’3″ and sizable enough that the hit was significantly powerful that both men were impacted by it. In one of the scariest moments of the season so far, Sabourin lost consciousness before he hit the ice, his face feeling the full brunt of impact. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Kevan Miller Sighting!

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It’s official, Kevan Miller is back at practice. Yesterday it was reported by multiple Bruins reporters that he’s sporting the some-family-of-red no-contact jersey at practice. Bruce Cassidy said that if all goes well, he could be back in a regular black or white jersey next week. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Krug Contract Consternation

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As we all know, this is the last year of Torey Krug’s current contract and he and Don Sweeney are in contract negotiations. Without an extension, Krug, 28, would be free to hit the free agent market on July 1st. Krug’s current cap hit is $5.25 million and he will be due a pay raise. But how much? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Shitty Sharks

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Last night’s game was ugly. There was way too much animus between these two teams that only meet twice a year, likely because one team is riding high and the other is sinking further in the depths of the Pacific. Continue reading