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Morning Free Association: Happy New Year, Everybody

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Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s 2020? I can’t. That was the first time I attempted to write the year so far this new year and I nailed it!

Nailed it! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! We made it to the end of the year and the decade. Happy Birthday to Stripes and The London Bear!

Guess what your presents are? Well, the absence of David Krejci and Cliffy Hockey and the addition of Jeremy Lauzon! Aren’t you so excited for this?!? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Last Game at the Garden (This Decade)

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The Boston Bruins played their last game at the Garden of this decade. They played it against the Sabres, finishing up the latest home-and-home with the team from upstate New York. Like the results of Friday night, they were able to claim two more points in the standings. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Back in Action

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Today is Friday the 27th which means that Christmas is over, Hanukkah has 3 more days, and Kwanzaa lasts until New Year’s Day. It also means that the NHL is back from it’s mandated 3-day Christmas break. I hope that you had a nice holiday break as well because you’ll need to buckle up for this part of the hockey season because it’s going to become a faster more urgent time for teams and the fans who love them. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A Christmas Miracle

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If after seeing the Bruins play of late, having dropped some 6 of their last 7 games, including one against their opponents last night, the Washington Capitals, you might have considered this game to be a lost cause, longed for the days in which the Bruins used to win, and sadly moved on with your life. I certainly felt that way, having even considered not watching. However, I am a masochist, so of course I had to watch. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Adventures in Goaltending

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On Saturday night, the Boston Bruins faced a struggling Nashville Predators team at the Garden, a team that is currently out of the playoff structure. And the Bruins struggled against them during that game as well. While the B’s managed to take the lead initially and then again after Roman Josi’s first goal of the evening, they lost it again when Jaroslav Halak had an adventure when he skated out of his crease and tried, and failed, to play the puck. The few of us who saw the Worcester Railers game the other week recognized that move and resulting goal. Continue reading