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Morning Free Association: Boston Bruins Begins…

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Yesterday was the start of training camp when important things happened. The players donned their uniforms and performed the most important task of Picture Day! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Training Camp is Here!

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Boston Bruins training camp is here! Today I imagine all the players are getting their physicals and other measurable done. But soon, we’ll get to see the boys on the ice for practices, preseason games, and finally regular season games. It’s so exciting! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: One Day Away

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We’re one day away from the start of Bruins training camp.

Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo remain unsigned.

There is really nothing notable about the Bruins as far as news goes.

Still, we’ll find something to talk about this morning.

Morning Free Association: Bruins on the Green

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The Boston Bruins held their annual golf fundraiser yesterday with athletes from Special Olympics of Massachusetts. Many of your favorites took a day off from Captain’s practice and played golf for a good cause. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Bruins Ownership!

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It’s not April Fools Day. It’s true, the Bruins have new owners. In a story that only showed up in the Boston Globe, Jeremy Jacobs revealed that the change in ownership happened earlier this year. Rest assured, the new owners are related to the old one. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Tim Thomas

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Remember back in the Stanley Cup Final, Game One when it was rumored that Tim Thomas was going to be a banner captain? That he was going to leave his new bunker in Idaho and wave a flag for the adoring fans in Boston? Well, that never happened. And now we know why. Continue reading