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Morning Free Association: Arenas Wanted

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Yesterday, Gary Bettman told a group of sports business leaders that the NHL is currently working on a plan that can bring teams back to play safely. This plan involves looking into 8 potential arenas, preferably ones in which the NHL already plays, locations that meet a certain set of criteria. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Playoffs? Maybe?

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It’s all but a done deal that the NHL will return without finishing up the regular season. I mean, that is fine; most teams had an average of about 12 games remaining. However, the alternative might not be as palatable. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Miller’s Zoom Chat

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Man, Bruins season ticket holders get to sit in on a lot of Bruins Zoom chats lately. I guess when you support the team at that level, you should get the perks, even with the NHL currently paused. I mean, going to playoff games would certainly beat these chats, but you take what you can take. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Zdeno Chara Zoom Chats

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The NHL has been on pause officially since March 12. During this time NHL players have been encouraged to self-isolate in a place of their choosing. Many foreign-born players have returned to their native countries. Not Zdeno Chara, who decided that while the NHL is on this extended and uncertain break, he would head to his home in Florida. There the kids have more room to roam about in beautiful weather and he can relax, train, and enjoy some un-New England-like weather. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Tuukka Talks

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I really want to tell you about what Tuukka Rask said to the media the other day and maybe what Zdeno Chara said as well. However, I have big news regarding the IW/ GH household: we’ve met a dog named Boomer, he’s a chill cutie, and we’ve decided that we’re going to adopt him. If you’re curious about who he is, here is his adoption profile. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: AHL Season Done

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Yesterday, the AHL officially cancelled the rest of teh regular season and the postseason. For some reason this didn’t seem like actual news since it seemed like they did that very thing at the end of March.

Continue reading