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Morning Free Association: Adios! and Other News

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Yesterday, Bruins GM Don Sweeney addressed the media regarding the status of some players within the organization this season, this season which is still totally happening despite the Bruins being knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs by those rats the Tampa Bay Lightning. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Knights Fall

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Last night in Las Vegas, the knights tried to fortify their series lead of one game with another win. Things did not go so smoothly for them. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Revisionist History

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Monday night’s game was salt in the wounds for some of the Bruins faithful, especially when former Boston defenseman Colin Miller was the first to score in the series. Those who are still dissatisfied with Don Sweeney leaving Chiller exposed during the expansion draft have been voicing their concerns, and lobbing complaints back and forth on social media. And Ty Anderson, who has to hear a lot about it, has decided once and for all to explain why Colin Miller isn’t playing for the Bruins anymore. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: What a Knight!

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Hello! I’m back from my hockey hiatus to watch the final because I have an interest in the outcome. It’s totally right to want the team from the namesake city of your dog to win, right? If you look closely at her, you’ll see they share colors in common as well.

No, this is not another column on my dog even though she is the cutest. This is about the first game of the 2018 Stanley Cup Final in which the improbable is happening on both sides of the ice. I mean, really, who among us predicted that the Golden Knights and the Capitals would make the final, with Vegas in their first year as a team? No one. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy Friday

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Hey guys, I don’t really have anything for today. There’s no hockey until Monday and I don’t care about the matchup to read anything about it.

I’m a little hockeyed out and generally sportsed out.

So happy Memorial Day weekend! May you rest up or get some sun (HA!) and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

Morning Free Association: They Did It

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Well, they did it.

The Capitals managed to salvage the series they had all but delivered to the Tampa Bay Lightning after dropping their two home games at the Capital One Arena after taking the first two on the road, thus allowing the Bolts to take three-in-a-row. The Capitals, being backed into a corner, won the last two games to advance to the Stanley Cup Final against the first-year Vegas Golden Knights. This series is highly improbable.

I want Vegas to win. I like chaos. Make all the teams whine and doubt the moves they did to make this happen.

Bring on Ragnarok!