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Morning Free Association: Showdown in Music City

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At one point last night, I suggested to Phony that we should pretend this [game] never happened. That was, of course, before the incomplete comeback. Still, anything that makes me have to endure Nick Bonino scoring a goal is a regrettable act. Continue reading

Game Day Thread: Bruins at Predators

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It’s a rematch of the Bruins 2017-18 season opener. Thankfully, the press won’t be wearing these hideous jerseys. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: 12 Dads A Cheering

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Saturday’s game was a messy one with the return of questionable and retaliatory hits, and facial cross-checks (looking at you Shayne Gostisbehere) and that was just those on Marchy. Everyone’s least favorite NO GOAL even made an appearance on each team, being traded mid-game between the Bruins and Flyers.Still the Bruins were able to leave Philly with a resounding win. Continue reading

Game Day Thread: Flying down to Philly

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Today, the Bruins are playing a huge manatee game against the Flyers in City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. You know, the town where fans unabashedly will throw anything not bolted down onto the field, the ice, the court. Really, the playing surface is not the important thing here. Yes, Philly sports fans threw snowballs at Santa in the 60’s, batteries at Santa and others from the 80’s on, the Ed Snider memorial bracelets in 2016, and a stink bomb in 2008. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Somebody got suspended

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Cedric Paquette was suspended for one game for boarding Torey Krug in Wednesday night’s game. Krug was rattled but ultimately unhurt as a result of the collision with the boards. But was that suspension enough? Continue reading