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Morning Free Association: Shark Infested…er…Ice?

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Last night’s game was pretty exciting and the Bruins were in it to win it!

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Game Day Thread: Sharks at Bruins

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It’s a new season, right? It’s been such a long time since the Bruins last took the ice (on Saturday night, which was not alright for fighting) that it seems that another year has passed.

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Morning Free Association: Confidentiality Breach

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There’s another story brewing in Montreal, one of confidentiality of a current player, a malcontent ex-coach, and an outing of a substance abuse problem over the airwaves. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Injury Reports

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Tuukka Rask returned to practice and could return to game action as soon as Thursday against the San Jose Sharks. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Hack

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I hate to do this to you. It’s mean, maybe even cruel. We have to talk about this latest Haggs narrative.

Maybe latest isn’t the right adjective here since Haggs has been sporting a hate-on for Tuukka Rask for a while because it’s effortless and we all know how much Haggs likes the low-hanging fruit. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Another Exciting Hockey Week Begins

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Hey guys, we’re back! Did we miss anything?

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