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Morning Free Association: To Skate and (Almost) Fight in LA

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Krejci is back! Krug is injured and day-to-day! How is this going to work?
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Morning Free Association: Duck Hunt in reverse

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We might have wanted a result similar to this:

We didn’t get that. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: It’s always a glorious day to hate the Habs! (And laugh at them, too!)

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Why should I spend much time and many words on the Habs situation when you can basically piece it together from these tweets? The Habs may be number five in the Atlantic but they’re -∞ in our hearts! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: News from Monday

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Mixed news came out of the Bruins camp yesterday with all sorts of players not skating or practicing, possibly not traveling on this, and someone drawing back in ever so slowly. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: A few days rest

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Well, uh, that was a week of games, eh? They won against the Wild, then lost the last three, although it should be noted the penultimate game was an overtime loss, but they should have won it. Continue reading

Game Day Thread: Maple Leafs at Bruins

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After a tough overtime loss last night, the Bruins have returned to Boston to finish up the home-and-home with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Continue reading