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Morning Free Association: Trade Talk

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Over the weekend, rumors abounded that the Bruins are in on the Rick Nash trade talks. Last week, Ryan McDonagh was all the rage in these talks. The New York Rangers are in rebuild mode and ware willing to deal away key assets like their top pairing left defenseman and captain and, oh, an expensive rental like Nash. Continue reading

Morning Free Association 2-Feb-2018: Witty Title

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This weekend the Bruins came close to having a two-game losing streak. On Saturday night the Buffalo Sabres came into town and dominated a Bruins team that started the game dead on their skates. Buffalo even did this after their star centre was knocked out of the game in the first period. (Don’t worry, he has a high ankle sprain and will come back sometime this season.) Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Perfection

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Can we take a minute, or an hour, or a day to talk about how great a player Patrice Bergeron is? I mean, we all know it and have known it for a long time now. He embodies the spirit of this team like no one else does: he works hard in all three zones, all three phases, and is going to have the Selke trophy named after him at some point. But let’s take a closer look at his season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Rivalry Night!

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It seems like every game against the Rangers this season was played in New York. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case it just seemed like it because they were the stronger team the first two games. Not this time. Continue reading

Game Day Thread: B’s at Rags

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Once again the Bruins are in Manhattan playing the New York Rangers. So far the Rags have had the Bruins number winning both of the previous two contests this season, the last one in OT. In fact that OT loss is what kicked off the B’s last point streak. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Dead Wings

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The Bruins played to yet another packed house at the Pizza Box last night. Seriously, how much longer are they going to keep up this charade that fans who paid for seats are so mesmerized by the new arena that they’re watching the game in the restaurants sprinkled around the concourse? SMH.
Continue reading