World Hockey Championships: Primer

While the Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, there’s another major hockey tournament about to start – the IIHF World Hockey Championships.

It’s the world’s most prestigious annual international ice hockey tournament and it’s a major point of national pride for hockey-loving Europeans. It’s also a great opportunity to watch players from the European leagues, especially the KHL, Swedish Elite League, and Finnish Elite League. In North America, the WHC is seen somewhat as the “loser’s tournament”, as players who get eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs often make their way over to Europe for the WHC. It gives the tournament a sort of Royal Rumble feel, with new contestants entering the tournament as it progresses. It’s also one of the three events required for the Triple Gold Club: a Stanley Cup Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a World Hockey Championship gold medal. Patrice Bergeron is a member of the Triple Gold Club, along with such luminaries as Sidney Crosby, Jaromir Jagr, Niklas Lidstrom, Igor Larionov, and Håkan Loob.

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Down n’ Dirty Second Round Predictions Eastern Conference

The Second Round, or Quarterfinals, are nigh. What will happen in the Eastern Conference? Bobby to Bergy is here to give you our #HotTakes. Continue reading

B2B Q&A: WWDSD (What Will Don Sweeney Do?)

With the Bruins not making the playoffs, we thought it would be a good time to pick each other’s brains on various issues concerning the Bruins, as we all have quite a bit to discuss.
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The Case for Retaining Claude Julien

There has been an outcry amongst certain members of the Boston sports media to fire coach Claude Julien if the Bruins failed to make the playoffs for a 2nd consecutive season.
Well the Bruins have failed to make the playoffs, and the working assumption is that the Bruins will terminate Claude Julien.
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A Bruins Defense Volume 3: Trade Your Way to a Better Tomorrow

Well, Doc had some great points. Buying out Dennis Seidenberg would save the Bruins a bunch in cap space and give them some freedom in signing new talent. Brian Campbell is a better defenseman than John-Michael Liles for sure, however, with the age of this group, I’m nervous signing a 37 year-old to a two-year contract.  With Adam McQuaid turning 30 in October, the Bruins would have three defenders on the wrong side of 30 with a buyout of Seids and addition of Campbell. I’m looking a little more long-term; give the youth that signed earlier a little more time to develop. That’s where the trade market comes in.
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