In Honor of the Sizeable Armenian Population in L.A.

երկրորդ շրջանը թեմա

Vittu,vittu, vittu vittu!

Aside from that goal by Tanner Pearson, I think the Bruins had a pretty damn strong period. I mean, the shots on net are horrifically lopsided, but not giving up two goals right away makes anything look better. Let’s hope and pray that the last minute goal doesn’t take the wind out of their sails for the rest of the game.

Awww…Pasta stuck up for Krejci. Cute.

Bruins vs. Ducks: Does This Period HAVE TO Happen?

This period sucked, especially for Matt Beleskey, so here is a picture of him with his dog. I REALLY fucking hope he is OK.

They’re not even interviewing ANY Bruins between periods; I imagine Claude is tearing them a new one.

And I do not like Ryan Kesler.

Yeah, so…here’s your ဒုတိယ ကာလ ချည်. (I don’t think the hockey gods know Burmese.)

Bruins vs. Ducks Game Thread

Does anyone remember the last game the Ducks and Bruins played? Me neither.


So nice of you to stay up with me and watch this game.

On second thought, thank you for commiserating with me as the carnage unfolds.

Nah, just kidding. Kind of.

Here are the lines as seen at this morning’s skate:

According to Twitter, Frederik Andersen will be between the pipes for Anaheim tonight.

The Ducks are a ridiculous 22-9-5 at the Ponda Center, but have lost four out of their last five games. It’s also Zdeno Chara’s birthday today and only a fool would not let him get what he wants today.

Would you say no to this face?

It’s also a kind of important game for Karl’s Dad Matt Beleskey, former Duck. A quick Google search of “Karl Beleskey” pulled up more images of Matt Beleskey rocking a mullet and not his own dog, and thankfully none of Karl wearing a mullet. I think I will save those images for another time.

What’s on tap?

The Long Slog Begins: Bruins vs. Sharks Game Thread

So he probably WON’T be playing tonight, but I’m writing this thingy so here’s a picture of him just because I can.

Hello! It’s a Tuesday night, we’re all feeling the effects of Daylight Savings Time, and games on this leg will end up literally spanning two days for most of you Bruins fans. But NOT ME! And that’s why I will be here, possibly typing into an abyss, as the Bruins kick off their West Coast Road Trip, or as some people like to call it, “The East Coast Bias Hyperawareness Tour.” FUN!

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