Game Thread Bruins at Jets 2/11/16

So Bruins Play the Jets in Winterpeg tonight. This is the second time we’ll see the former Atlanta Thrashers this season, the first time was a sad excuse for a home opener, in which the photo above is one of the only good things that happened (Never Forget life without Chara and with Irwin. NEVER).

Lines tonight


Lookin kinda punchy on the bottom line there. So it goes I guess.


After the game he had on Tuesday, you’d think that maybe Killer would sit a game, but this is Claude’s world, we’re just livin’ in it

Probably the Flying Finnish King in net

Night at McQ’s, The Smoothest Forward in the Galaxy, and Chiller will be doing the Nacho thing by the sounds of it.

Puck drops at 9 pm AST er…. 8 pm EST. Be there or be someplace else. You know, whatever works.

I’ve got me some wine in a box. What’s on tap homies?

Second period thread. Kings v Bruins 2/9/2016

A great Lucic tribute. A goal by top 10 in goals scored Brad Marchand. Three posts for the Bruins. Two goals in under two minutes with less than two minutes to go by the Kings. Some shoddy defense by Kevan Miller. Some quality defense by Joe Morrow. Not to ramble on but Patrice is perfect.

What did you all think of the Looch tribute?

Game thread: LA Kings vs Boston Bruins (2/9/2016)

The Boston Bruins kick off this week against old friend Milan Lucic and the Los Angeles Kings tonight at the TD Garden at 7:00pm. Boston sits tied for 2nd in the Atlantic division with Tampa Bay and Detroit with 62 points (28-18-6). The LA Kings lead the Pacific division with 65 points (31-17-3). Despite taking 5 out of 6 points against the bottom of the Atlantic division, the Bruins should be looking for more energy and effort going into tonight’s game.

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Game Thread: Sabres at Bruins

So I think this picture is the only example I can think of where double-teaming might be fair, if not still pretty damn stupid.

How goes it, kids? The Bruins and Sabres are playing their fourth and final game against each other tonight, with the Bruins winning two of the past three games and I refuse to remember the score from that other one.

Here’s something that phoneymahoney posted earlier that really bears repeating:

That’s some pretty fucking sweet company right there. Let’s see what Spooner does tonight.

Boston Bruins @ Buffalo Sabres, 2/4/2016

Tonight the Bruins take on the Buffalo Hi I’m Chad Johnsons. Bruins are looking to rebound from a OT loss against the Leafs while Buffalo beat the Habs (hahahahahaha!) last night 4-2. Hopefully the Bruins can take advantage of a team that’s playing the second game of a back to back.