Bruins-FancyCats Period 5 minus 3

So the Score is 0-0, but the Bruins have outshot the Cats 15 to 5. That seems like a good thing. Feel free to have flashbacks to 2011 at any time Luongo, KTHXBI.

That was a pretty spiffy tribute to Claude to start off, even if both the team and the players could have maybe done a tad better with the gifts. Maybe an ipad or something, because a watch is a shitty gift in 2016. I dunno.

Well lets do this.

Panthers @ Bruins 24 March 2016: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Well folks, its the second night of a back to back, after a game against the Rangers where the Bruins played well, but uh… umm…. dammit.

So now, we have ourselves a visit from the Florida Shawn Thorntons… err… Reilly Smiths… er… Jagorim Jargs…err… FancyCats (although that last one would work too) for a key divisional matchup in hopes of steering out of the skid (incidentally, the Cats are coming off a 4-2 loss to the Rags. Not the same score, but close enough I guess). Despite losing 4 straight games, the Bruins still have a hold on 3rd in the Atlantic, because the Wings seem pretty determined to screw up their 24 year playoff streak, and all 3 Canadian teams (also Buffalo) really shouldn’t even get participant ribbons this year. Man this division blows goat. That said, the Wings (currently just out of the Wild Card race behind the surging Flyers) are at 83 points in 73 games vs the Bruins have 86 in 74 (yes, the Wings have a game in hand, but the Bruins currently hold the first tiebreaker with 35 ROW to Detroit’s 34). Tonight is a pretty game in this regard, as the Wings have the considerable fortune of playing the hilarious failure that is Montreal (can you smell it? The smell of Failtreal? Its wonderful. At least if you can overlook the usual flatulent aroma that hangs around that team like the farts of a man who lives on Taco Bell alone.) So, the Bruins have to bring the heat tonight, OR ELSE (although the Bruins would hold the 3rd place spot if things all go the worst way possible… and goddammit I just realized I want the Habs to win a game. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME BRUINS????!!!! CAN’T YOU SEE THE PREDICAMENT IN WHICH YOU HAVE PLACED ME???!!!!

ah. umm….. looks around furtively, realizing he has actually been shouting out loud… So, about this game.

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Bruins @ Rangers 3/23

This isn’t my chair

Good evening everyone!
After what I’m not convinced was three and a half months since a Bruins game, here we are tonight at monosodium glutamate Madison Square Garden where the Bruins (39-26-8 86pts) take on the Rangers (41-24-8 90pts) The Bruins have a 3 point buffer on the teams above and below them in the standings, so tonight’s game won’t change the playoff picture for the Bruins, but boy 2 points would be huge.

It’s Rivalry Night™ so get ready for Doc’s obsessive use of random made up words and Pierre’s deep dive history bag for bit players we’ve only heard of once or twice.
We’ve missed Bruins hockey for 3 days minimum & for some who can’t make it for west coast games even longer, you take away our Jack & Brick? What gives TV people?

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