Recap: Beleskey Nets Two vs. Hurricanes – Bruins win!

For the first time since 2006, the Bruins decided to have a father-son road trip. Even the crunchiest curmudgeon who doesn’t care about off-ice stuff (that would be me) couldn’t deny that it was adorable. Luckily, all the parents and grandparents present were able to see a Bruins win (because it was a road game, obviously).
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Bruins-Preds Recap: Snoozeville

Welcome to the inaugural Game Recap here on Bobby to Bergy!

I’m afraid we used up all of our excitement on that first line alone. It’s too bad because some of us were excited to see a certain Preds defenseman, with that excitement quickly fading as both teams appeared to be trying their best snake charmer routine to mesmerize the spectators into not caring at all about the game.

Snake Charmer


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