Recap: Hurricanes vs. Bruins

Where do I even begin? I mean the obvious answer to recapping a hockey game would be to start at the beginning, close the piece with the final score and a blurb about who the Bruins play next. Yet, as the Bruins dropped the second biggest game of the season 2-1 in the shootout to the Carolina Hurricanes, I’m finding myself at a loss to begin this one.


Rask was terrific tonight. Making big save after big save all night long. Even the defense was pretty solid tonight, just no goal scoring. As Dale Arnold said during the post game report, consistently the Bruins have been unable to string an entire team effort full 60 minute game. Some nights the goal scoring is there, but the defense / goal tending isn’t, other night’s it’s the other way around. For those that didn’t get to see the whole game though, here we go.

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Bruins vs. Blackhawks Game Recap

Hoo boy, where to begin?

This game was ear-marked as being a Very Important Game, which the Bruins managed to show up for. They scored four unanswered goals against the Blackhawks at the United Center! Of course, when you skate around aimlessly for just about two-thirds of the game, spotting the home team SIX GOALS, in the process, things just aren’t going to work out.

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BOOM. Bruins win.

The Bruins won in St. Louis tonight.

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games. It was a game of defense, it was a game of offense. It was a contest of hope. It was a contest of despair. We had a win before us. We had a loss before us. It was an excellent game, it was a terrible game.

OK, enough from you, Dickens!

There were a few milestones: Ken Hitchcock coached his 1400th game. Claude Julien coached his 700th for the Bruins. Patrice Bergeron notched his 30th goal, for the third 30-goal season of his career. The Bruins scored their first powerplay goal against the Blues since 2009. There was a lot going on.

But, don’t let the milestones fool you: It was ugly.

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Game Recap: The Devils Inside

david and goliath-NJDBs

So, how do we even? Can you even? I cannot EVEN.

Simply put, the Boston Bruins are picking a terrible time to suck. This is the point in the season when teams start to get hot, enter the playoffs on a winning streak, use that winning momentum to crush the life out of lesser teams that finally play like lesser teams. Instead, the Bruins play the part of Goliath and let David (not our Davids) slingshot a rock in their eye.

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