Morning Free Association: Jettisoned

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It’s time for some Hockey Haiku™

Hat Trick for other team
Bad calls goal no ejection
Don’t mess with Killer

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Morning Free Association: Clinched

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Last night one team made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and another was mathematically eliminated.

But, we’ll talk about that later.

Let's do that Hockey
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Morning Free Association: One Point

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The Bruins played a heck of a game considering they still have a whole team on the 9th floor and a malfunctioning HockeyBot2500 on defense. But did they win? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: #TwoNashty

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Well, last night the Bruins GM certainly looked like the #Sweenius when two of his new acquisitions panned out. Yes, both Rick Nash (New Guy #1) and Timmy Wingels (for the sake of likelihood of his playing, New Guy #2) scored their first goals as Bruins. Continue reading