Morning Free Association: All The Excite

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It’s been a pretty exciting weekend with lots of stuff going on with the Bruins and other teams around the league. This is pretty typical around the NHL Trade Deadline. So, let’s break it down in an easy-to-digest format. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Habenfreude

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At last the Bruins return to the ice tonight to play the Montreal Canadiens for the final time this season. By final I really mean the last time: the Canadiens are 7 points out of a playoff spot in a conference in which both Wild Card spots are filled by Metropolitan division teams. Bruins players themselves seem to be looking forward to this matchup yet again. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Prime Offseason Content

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Finding hockey things to talk about that don’t involve the fiftieth iteration of WHY DON’T DONNY TRADE FOR (player that is rumored to be traded), I have to look around a bit for something interesting. This is what led me to search for “NHL” on Twitter, which led me to this:

Apparently, this is a new member fo the NY Rangers organization, a dog that is training to become a service dog for a child on the autistic spectrum. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Free Patches to a Good Home

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We interrupt your normally scheduled lack of Bruins moves to update you on a Habenfreude situation happening right now in Canada.

Dateline Montreal: Montreal Canadiens General Manager Marc Bergevin has informed captain Max Pacioretty that the team will not extend his contract and that they intend to trade him. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Clinched

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Last night one team made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and another was mathematically eliminated.

But, we’ll talk about that later.

Let's do that Hockey
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