Morning Free Association: Limping into the Weekend

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This week has been a battle, mostly within my head and my inability to get out of it. Thankfully I have my dog, Boomer, to motivate me to get out of bed and go out. Recently we learned that dogs can smell time; this synesthesia works in either the dissipation of a scent over time, like when their person goes away or in the way the air smells at different times of the day, like morning, afternoon, and night. Dogs with their 300 million olfactory receptors can even detect all sorts of diseases and disorders including cancer and seizure onset. Sometimes, I wonder if Boomer can smell when I’m depressed and does what he can to get me out and moving or if he just wants to go and knows I will take him. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: September 16th, 2021

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Boston Bruins Rookie Camp started yesterday with some new and old prospects in town to train before being sent off for the prospect challenge games against the Sabres and Devils in Buffalo. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: RIP Fred Stanfield

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Yesterday former Bruin and two time Stanley Cup Champion Fred Stanfield passed away at the age of 77.

Stanfield was dealt to the Bruins in 1967 in the same trade that brought Phil Esposito and Ken Hodge to the Black and Gold. He centered Johnny Bucyk and Pie McKenzie and scored at least 20 goals in each of his 6 seasons in Boston before being traded to the North Stars in 1973.

Morning Free Association: Meanwhile…

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Now that we’re in firmly in the middle of September and awaiting the news of when training camp will officially start. Last week we saw the return of many Bruins including the captain himself, Patrice Bergeron. And the Boston Bruins in-house media team has been keeping track of the comings and goings at Warrior Arena. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: It’s Getting Closer

Did I forget to write something? Did I read the NHL Covid protocol? The answers to these questions are respectively yes and no. So while I am choosing not to feel guilty for watching Trixie and Katya videos well into the new day,

I will leave you with these images that show that hockey season is close.

Morning Free Association: The Captain’s Future

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With the season inching closer, more and more Bruins players are trickling back into town. Some have shown up to skate at Warrior in the traditional Captains practices including new Bruin Nick Foligno and the captain himself. Continue reading