Morning Free Association: Still Not Done

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Ugh. Last night, Tampa had the chance to put the series away after winning the prior three games. But, they didn’t even score a goal. So, this series is going to seven.

In our NHL Bracket Challenge, only one person here has a bracket that is affected by this outcome and he’s looking mighty smart right now. Should the Capitals advance and win the cup, he’ll get another 100 points. So perhaps we should be rooting for him.

This series progressing to one more game gives the Vegas Golden Knights more time to rest. I’m not sure that I would want to face them rested.

Morning Free Association: The Upside Down

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It’s happened; we’re in the upside down. It’s the only way to explain what happened to the Stanley Cup Final. There’s no way this could happen, but it did.

The Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Winnipeg Jets to advance to the SCF in it’s first year in the NHL. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fluffy Friday!

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Still not quite ready to talk about the future yet.

There are some rumors floating about involving trade partners and pieces to move that I’m not quite ready to discuss as I want to see what’s shaking out.

Plus, it’s Friday! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: More Press Conferences

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In case you missed it, the Bruins top brass held their end of the year media availability yesterday with the Jacobses, Jeremy and Charlie, and Cam Neely talking about the season that was. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Chara’s at it Again

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We’re not the only ones sad about the season ending. The players feel it doubly and beyond a few canned sound bites, the usual sounds of Hockeybot 5000, we don’t get much insight into the mind of the athlete after losing a Stanley Cup Playoff series. That is, unless you are relatively new Instagram user Zdeno Chara. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Other Playoffs

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Well it looks like they’re still having playoffs, even though the Bruins have been eliminated.
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