Morning Free Association: Sweeney Official

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The Boston Bruins made it official by putting a ring on it extending Don Sweeney for several years.

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Morning Free Association: Some Actual Bruins News

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Before I get into ACTUAL BRUINS NEWS, I’d like to say congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche for preventing the evil that is the Tampa Bay Threepeat. With this dastardly deed thwarted, we can go on with our lives. Suck it, Bolts! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: BIG NEWS

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Late last night after I had already half-heartedly written a post, word broke of something truly newsworthy. So, up the stairs I schlepped to get this news out: Patrice Bergeron is coming back.

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Morning Free Association: NHL Awards 2022

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Thanks to the Covid pandemic, it’s been 3 years since the NHL last held their annual awards show, not that anyone actually cared. The NHL has awarded their various trophies since then just not with everyone gathered in the same auditorium. Indeed, not everyone was in that room since they cheaped out by announcing certain winners on Twitter during the playoffs, like our own perfect defensively responsible captain, Patrice Bergeron and his record fifth Selke win. At least former Mighty Duck star and current SNL repertory player, Kenan Thompson was having fun. Continue reading