Morning Free Association: Haggs Gonna Haggs

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There are some indubitable certainties in this world. The sky tends to be upward. Water is wet. Patrice Bergeron is perfect. And Joe Haggerty will always want to trade Tuukka Rask.

It has become so predictable that I often wonder how did Tuukka hurt Haggs? I want Haggs to point to the place on a doll where Tuukka hurt him.

Seriously, don’t read the article; I read it for you so that I could encapsulate the rage of the dull stupidity of this fucking lazy take.

Tuukka is not perfect and still has much to prove. He’s not Tim Thomas and never will be. He’s positional while Thomas wasn’t. Tuukka hasn’t had the benefit of a stout veteran defense in years; the last time was in 2013 when he stood on his head to get to the Stanley Cup Final. Rask’s inconsistency can be difficult to take (especially in October) and even harder to argue for. But Halak is not the long-term solution that the Bruins need. He’s an upgrade at back-up, nothing more.

The line that fired me up was this:

Nobody is saying to ship Rask simply for the sake of doing it…

Haggs, that is exactly what you’re saying all. the. time. You fucking lazy-ass gaslighter.

Get over it, man.

Morning Free Association: Rest in Peace Ray Emery

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On Sunday afternoon, news broke that former NHl goalie Ray Emery passed away at the age of 35. Apparently, he and some friends had been swimming in Hamilton harbor when Emery failed to resurface.

Emery had played for several NHL teams, including a stint with the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks, the Philadelphia Flyers on two different occasions, the Ottawa Senators, and the Anaheim Ducks. Emery last played in the NHL with the Flyers in 2014-2015.

Many in the NHL have sent out their condolences and remembrances, including Bernie Parent, whose record for the most wins in the month of March Emery had tied some 30 years later.

May he rest in peace.

Morning Free Association: Dog Days of Free Agency

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On July 1st, there is a flurry of activity with regards to signings in the NHL. This makes sense as it is the start of the NHL year. By the middle of the month, signings only trickle in. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Are You the Next Rene?

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Rene Rancourt retired from his official status as anthem singer for the Boston Bruins after last season. Rancourt was their anthem singer for 42 years. Regrettably, his retirement was after a second round exit and not after a Stanley Cup win.

Now the Bruins are looking for his replacement. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: New Bruins

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While we wait to hear whether or not Erik Karlsson is going to Tampa Bay or if Don Sweeney can someone pull off an amazing deal that brings Artemi Panarin to the Bruins, NHL Network spoke with one of our newest players, John Moore, and his daughter Millie. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Twin Boston Dummies

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Those two sides of the same Boston media coin, Jimmy Murphy and Joe Haggerty, have some really dumb, farfetched ideas. I try my best to ignore these two, usually because they think they’re tuned in more than they are. This was the article du jour on Twitter on Sunday, exposing me to these twin towers of stupid ideas:

Continue reading