Morning Free Association: They Ducking Lost

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Yep, the Anaheim Ducks came to play. Yes, they had Troy Terry back from COVID and he scored. So did a guy who hadn’t had a goal in 44 games. The Bruins lost, 5-3.

I don’t really feel like talking about it since I was in and out during the game getting the stuff done that would allow me to relish in the most sacred of nighttime rituals, Pajama Time. Pajama Time involves showering then pajama-ing, and often cozying up with a comfy blanket. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Just Ducky

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This weekend, the Bruins held off the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 after a late penalty taken caused them to end the game on the kill. Thankfully the Jets were 0% on the power play with 4 chances. With this win, the Bruins 8-2 in their last 10 and are 3 points behind the Toronto Maple Leafs and safely in the Wild Card 1 position. If the B’s can hold onto that playoff slot, they can avoid the meat grinder of the Atlantic Division in the playoffs. Still, those days are a ways off. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bruins (23-12-2)

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The Boston Bruins won their second game against the Washington Capitals this month in a tight game that was won within the final minute 4-3. But, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t casualties.

In the first period, Anton Blidh left the game with an injury after receiving a clean, hard hit from Tom Wilson. I know it seems odd to say that but the point of contact was Blidhs chest and it wasn’t even blindside. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Updates and Stuff

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The Boston Bruins didn’t play yesterday (thankfully) but they did practice to get ready for tonight’s tilt at the Garden against the Washington Capitals. Yesterday the organization announced a whole bunch of schedule changes to make up for games that either were missed due to the Covid Holiday Special or games that had to be moved around due to Canadian provincial attendance rules. Since the players will not be going to the Olympics they have plenty of time to make up these games. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Last Night

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Last night Willie O’Ree’s number 22 was lifted to the rafters and retired forever more. Mr. O’Ree was not in attendance but was able to add his remarks and watch via remote. When you’re nearly 85 years old and probably don’t want to travel as much due to Covid, you can do whatever you want. With he and his family watching, former Bruin Anson Carter along with some of the youth and graduates from Score Hockey lifted the banner in his honor. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Willie O’Ree’s Banner Ceremony

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Tonight’s the night! Willie O’Ree will have his number 22 lifted to rafters and retired to celebrate his breaking the color barrier in the NHL 64 years ago. Originally this ceremony was to take place last year but was pushed back due to COVID restrictions. Tonight the fans will be there to witness it and appreciate him. Continue reading