Morning Free Association: March 27

The Bruins finally won one on Saturday night, downing the Isles 2-1 in a closely played and loosely officiated game. Intentionally Widenberg and I were lucky enough to be on hand for the game and we’ll tell you more about the Barclays Center once things slow down; we’re planning on writing about the different arenas we’ve visited in a Better Know An Arena series in the off-season. It was good to see the boys grab a win on the road. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: March 24

I could go into a review of the game, but I don’t want to. The Bruins lost to the Lightning 6=3 and everything sucks. I thought about doing a food pairing, but really we’re getting down to the bottom of the roster and does anyone care what Hayes would be? I don’t. Right now this Bruins team is playing like an over cooked steak. Should be much better, but it’s just a huge disappointment.

8 games to go.

Morning Free Association: March 23

I’ve been ignoring you this week and I must apologise for that. I’ve had not one, but two catastrophic computer events this week (okay one really bad reset-to-factory-settings and the other denied me access to anything but the internet, which is not handy when you need editing software.) I spent 6.5 hours on Tuesday night backing things up and contemplating using a sledgehammer to my now-useless backup laptop. I’ve been cranky and I hate it when things fail on me. Continue reading