Morning Free Association: April 20

That game last night. Can’t really criticise the officiating other than a cross-check by a Senators player on Chara. The Bruins had a goal that was called back upon review because the zone entry some minute before was offside. It’s a dumb rule no one likes that was enforced.

I have no more to say on it. This series has been long and sad. I kind of want it all to end on Friday night.

Morning Waiting Association: April 14

Good morning B2Bers. Well, we’ve got one more day of work before the Bruins are back to take on Ottawa for game 2 of the opening round. What’s with the two days off!? Doesn’t the scheduler know that we only need one day in between games or else the manic highs and lows of playoff hockey start to turn into a longing despair of emptiness!!
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