Morning Free Association, July 7

Good morning, campers! The Bruins just announced the schedule and rosters for their 10th annual Development Camp at Ristuccia Arena. It runs from Tuesday, July 12 through Friday, July 15. The attendees:

Forwards: Jack Becker, Anders Bjork, Jake DeBrusk, Ryan Donato, Ryan Fitzgerald, Trent Frederic, Jesse Gabrielle, Danton Heinen, Cameron Hughes, Joona Koppanen, Sean Kuraly, Mark Naclerio, Oskar Steen

Defensemen: Brandon Carlo, Cameron Clarke, Matt Grzelcyk, Emil Johansson, Jeremy Lauzon, Ryan Lindgren, Charlie McAvoy, Wiley Sherman, Jakub Zboril

Goaltenders: Stephen Dhillon, Zane McIntyre, Malcolm Subban, Daniel Vladar

Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson will not attend due to school, family, and travel commitments. Zach Senyshyn is not likely to attend due to mononucleoisis. Rob O’Gara has apparently “graduated” from Development Camp after 6 years, but this will be Zane McIntyre’s seventh camp. Something called a Stephen Dhillon will attend on an invite basis.

Have you gone to the beach yet? Has Bagel Bruin finally had a bagel? What’s on tap?

Morning Free Association, July 1 – NHL Free Agency 12:00 ET

It’s the calm before the storm of NHL free agency. At 12:00 ET today, teams are allowed to sign UFAs and offer sheet RFAs. Will the Bruins re-sign Loui? Will they sign Jimmy Vesey? Will they finally acquire some defense? Please? I mean, like, y’know, the good ones? Strap on your helmets and get your drinks ready!

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Morning Free Association, June 30 – LOL wut

I woke up this morning and it was still true. The Habs really did trade PK Subban for Shea Weber, straight up. As a Bruins fan, I am puking rainbows of joy over this. The most insufferable franchise in hockey has been laid low. They’ve set their franchise back at least a decade with this move. Yes, the Bruins traded Seguin and they traded Dougie and they traded Joe, BUT THE HABS TRADED PK. All the torch-passing and Cup-counting and endless self-celebrating gets put to rest, at least for a while.

As a hockey fan, however, I don’t like this at all. It’s bad for hockey. He loved his team, its city, and its fans. He’s one of the best players in the sport and he was the face of the franchise. He deserved to be a Hab for life. It just isn’t right and there’s no good explanation for it.

I’m considering flying home to attend the Habs @ B’s game on October 22 just so I can start a chant of “WHERE IS PK?”

What’s on tap?

Morning Free Association, June 29

Or is it?

Good morning! Not too much news on the Bruins front for you all this morning except for

Woah an offer sheet! IN THIS ECONOMY!?! According to jetsnation an offer sheet of 49 mil over 7 years wouldn’t cause a cap hit in the 9 million range but only 7 due to the rules of offer sheets saying to divide the contract by 5. It’s still a major gamble and one the Bruins might need to make based on this:

Obviously we wont know the validity of it until Friday, but it’s still a gamble. Offer sheeting Trouba though is a much better idea than sending one to Columbus for Seth Jones.

What do you think?

Morning Free Association, June 28

See ya kid

Good morning everyone! Last night teams had to submit their qualifying offers to RFA’s by 5pm and the Bruins made some obvious choices and some interesting ones in their QO’s.

Also dropping last night was this gem from a former Lightning GM saying the Bruins are among the favorites to land Stamkos. I mean that can’t be legit right? There’s going to be enough talk in this offseason about it happening to get our hopes up to not happen right? Or is it just unlikely enough to #SHOCKTHEWORLD?

What do you think?