Morning Free Association, June 29

Or is it?

Good morning! Not too much news on the Bruins front for you all this morning except for

Woah an offer sheet! IN THIS ECONOMY!?! According to jetsnation an offer sheet of 49 mil over 7 years wouldn’t cause a cap hit in the 9 million range but only 7 due to the rules of offer sheets saying to divide the contract by 5. It’s still a major gamble and one the Bruins might need to make based on this:

Obviously we wont know the validity of it until Friday, but it’s still a gamble. Offer sheeting Trouba though is a much better idea than sending one to Columbus for Seth Jones.

What do you think?

Morning Free Association, June 28

See ya kid

Good morning everyone! Last night teams had to submit their qualifying offers to RFA’s by 5pm and the Bruins made some obvious choices and some interesting ones in their QO’s.

Also dropping last night was this gem from a former Lightning GM saying the Bruins are among the favorites to land Stamkos. I mean that can’t be legit right? There’s going to be enough talk in this offseason about it happening to get our hopes up to not happen right? Or is it just unlikely enough to #SHOCKTHEWORLD?

What do you think?

Morning Free Association, June 27 – Draft Recap!

Good morning, everyone! Thanks to everyone who hung out with us in the draft party threads! A recap of the Bruins’ picks:

14th- D Charlie McAvoy
29th- C Trent Frederic
49th- D Ryan Lindgren
135th- LW Joona Koppanen
136th- D Cameron Clarke
165th- C/RW Oskar Steen
195th- Traded to FLA for 2017 7th-round pick

As Drhandgrenaid points out, we added 2 right-shot d-men, 1 left-shot d-man, 1 left-shot shot C, 1 C/RW, and 1 LW. It’s a diverse draft group, and we got the top-pair-potential, right-shot d-man we were looking for, but we didn’t stock the system with a high-potential right wing like we needed. I’m thrilled with the McAvoy and Lindgren picks, and our system is now loaded with defensemen. The Trent Frederic pick seems overly safe, and I would have preferred a gamble on top-end talent, such as Adam Mascherin or Pascal Laberge. I personally have a no-smurf policy, but carvinbass18 really, really, really wanted Alex DeBrincat with the #29 pick.

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Morning Free Association, Friday, Draft Day!

Good morning everyone! It’s NHL Draft day! Thanks for sticking around with us throughout the draft profiles. Sweeney spoke with the media yesterday evening. Here’s some quotes:

Today’s just going to creep by isn’t it. What’s on tap to get you through a (so far here in central NH) beautiful morning?