Morning Free Association: Nothing

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It was a quiet day yesterday for the Bruins with not much being posted except for Bruins mom content. That’s fine, not every day is chock full of news or activity. Let the guys spend some quality time with the women who cared and nurtured them.

Tonight, the team is back home playing in front of their moms and about 18,000 fans all over the Garden, taking on the Winnipeg Jets. The game is on NESN at 7pm.

Morning Free Association: Quota!

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Of course the Bruins players would rise to the occasion and play well in front of their mothers. Brad Marchand would not likely live it down since he says he gets his lippy nature from her. Could you imagine the chirps he’d get from his own mom if he lost that game? Sure, Mama Bergeron would delight in what her son, Patrice, would do because he’s perfect. But Brad’s mom would be relentless. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Moms Trip

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Yesterday, the mothers of the Boston Bruins descended upon Warrior Arena. They came from all over – Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Canada, Czech Republic. First they came to visit their sons before practice, then they watched them run drills on the ice. Onto a bus, then a plane, onto another bus, and finally in Nashville for the day and night before the team plays the Predators. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Focusing on the Positive

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Saturday was not a banner day for the Boston Bruins and their hockey playing ways. They lost a game to the Edmonton Oilers 4-1. Sure that score was inflated by an empty net goal, but when two players not named McDavid or Draisaitl are responsible for the tying and go-ahead goals, that means you’ve allowed players that don’t usually factor into the score sheet win the game, Bruins. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Another Loser Point

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Watching the Boston Bruins is an exercise in frustration. Remember when it used to be fun? How about when they would take one or two periods off then flip the switch and win the game? It seems so long ago. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Happy New Year, Everybody

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Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s 2020? I can’t. That was the first time I attempted to write the year so far this new year and I nailed it!

Nailed it! Continue reading