Morning Free Association: Tardygate

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Charlie McAvoy is at the heart of a new Bruins scandal, which I am dubbing Tardygate.

Yes, it seems the currently injured second year defenseman has admitted to Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe that he had been late to a couple of team things: a special teams meeting and being late getting on the team bus after a game and that team leadership straightened him out. Apparently, Brad let the cat out of the bag when talking to Haggs during that extended Nissan commercial the other week. And apparently a few other Bruins sources have confirmed this information. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Win Streak

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The Bruins are currently riding a win streak of four games. They haven’t done this since early in the season when they won the next four games (Sabres, Senators, Oilers, Red Wings) after a horrendous opening night at Washington. And they’re almost not as battered up either. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Odds and Ends and Patrice Needs Your Help!

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Hey kids! You loved the Winter Classic now is time for you to love NHL All Star Weekend*

*later this month

The NHL announced the incomplete ASG rosters. There aren’t too many surprises other than everyone’s favorite carbohydrate gets his first nod! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Instant Winter Classic

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Welcome to 2019, a year in which the Bruins are perfect! After having taken on the Chicago Blackhawks at Notre Dame Stadium and winning 4-2, the Bruins are now 2-1 in Winter Classics! Continue reading

Winter Classic 2019: Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks

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Today is New Years day. Time to review the year we have lived through and think about how to live the upcoming year. It is also the day of the NHL Winter Classic. An outdoor matinee game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins at a rink assembled at the football stadium at Notre Dame University
Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Winter Classic Eve

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When last we left our intrepid heroes…

They had just lost the second game of a two-game losing streak at home against the hapless New Jersey Devils. Seriously, in those two games, the Bruins allowed 5 goals in each (not all with a goaltender in net). After that game, the B’s were down two forwards: Brad Marchand with an upper body injury and David Backes to a three-game suspension after an illegal check to the head of Blake Coleman. Well, I guess someone’s gotta be suspended for the Winter Classic, just glad this time it wasn’t Brad. Continue reading