Morning Free Association: Breaking Bad

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On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the Garden was filled twice with fans watching their winter sports teams play in both matinee and evening games. The Bruins played the later game on that day with the ice being a little bit shitty. But what better way to play a hockey game with playoff implications on the line! Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Welp

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Well, the Bruins have dropped three in a row after riding a nineteen-game point streak. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Winterpeg

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The Bruins are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a game tonight. In a radio interview with Dale & Keefe on WEEI, Patrice Bergeron said that it wasn’t warm up there and also, “We’re back in Canada,” which is a euphemism for it’s cold enough to freeze your gonads off. Also, Patrice has no advice for what to do in Winnipeg. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Bonkers

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Last night’s game in Columbus was bonkers. Oh sure, it started out well enough with a Patrice Bergeron shorty, his fourth of the season and his 26th goal of the season.

Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Grzelcyk Update and More

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After having an initial set of x-rays that were negative for broken bones, Matt Grzelcyk was sent home to Boston for more testing. Officially he has an upper body injury and has been ruled out for tonights game. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: It’s Over

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Well, all good things come to an end. Last night, the Bruins nineteen-game point streak came to an end when the Bruins dropped to the Penguins, 4-2. It was a good run and it was only a matter of time before the streak was ended. Thankfully, it wasn’t stopped by the Senators, because losing to the worst team in the NHL is awful.

So, the only thing the Bruins can do now is start a new win streak. Continue reading