Morning Free Association: NBCSNPDQOMGWTFBBQ Hates Us

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Hello! Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, I Ellened myself the other day and I don’t have complete use of my right hand, but I can use at least 2 fingers on my right hand to type a little bit, so there’s that. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Stuff We Already Know

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This weekend, the official website of the NHL decided to take a look at the Bruins in their “31 in 31” or whatever it is. Since we’re all trying to come up with some content in these dog days of summer (and the Bruins players are not displaying many pictures of their actual dogs on Instagram), we’ll take a look at their stuff over the course of a couple of days. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Just How Many Defensemen Will Miss Training Camp?

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I don’t like starting the week with craptastic news but a report filed this weekend on the official website of the National Hockey League has twisted my stomach just as it may yours.

Speaking with the press, Cam Neely stated that he expects that the top two RD of the Bruins may miss the start of training camp. While they each have a couple of years under their respective belts, this is not good news. Still, we shouldn’t panic just yet because it sounds like Donny and crew are trying to get these two players signed. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Summer of Beecher

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Bruins 2019 first-round draft pick John Beecher is having himself a summer.

First, he won a bronze medal playing for Team USA in the Men’s U-18 World Championships in Sweden. In that tournament he scored three goals and an assist.
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