Morning Free Association 2/18/2016

Good morning, everyone!

Dennis Wideman’s 20-game suspension was upheld by Gary Bettman yesterday. The NHLPA plans to file an appeal. Central to the decision was a text message from Wideman to a teammate saying, “the only problem and the only reason I’m here is cause the stupid refs and stupid media.” The upheld suspension might make Wideman a cheaper option at the trade deadline for a team that feels confident about making the playoffs already.

The Bruins are in Nashville tonight to face the Toothcats, a possible trade partner at the deadline. Nashville’s still looking for offense, so it would be nice to score lots of goals on them to show them things they would like to trade for. But if we score lots of goals on them, maybe they will think they need to improve their defense, which is what we want to do, too. Hrm…

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Morning Free Association 2/16/16

Good morning, everyone! While you were sleeping…

A banker in Arizona was bathing his twin daughters when he got a phone call saying he won an amazing rinkside ticket and free Coyotes jersey. Soon afterward, the Yotes devoured the Habs 6-2.

Kirk Luedeke posted his pre-trade-deadline podcast, which has good insight as to what we can expect from the Bruins at the trade deadline plus commentary on Bruins prospects and prospects from around the league.

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Morning Free Association 2/15/16

Good morning, everyone! What a weird and wild weekend of hockey. First the Bruins caused the Tree Cat Head Things to fire their coach. Then Marchand scored against the Red Wings 8 seconds into the game, setting a franchise record for scoring the fastest goal. But then the Magic Man, Pavel Datsyuk, reached the 900-point plateau and the B’s ended up losing a wild one not against the Wild, 6-5.

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Morning Free Association 2/12/16


The Bruins made amends for their horrific loss against the Kings on Tuesday with a fighty, shooty, QUOTA scorefest. Perfect Patrice was 2/3 of the way to a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Rinaldo and Marchand also played “punchyface” with Jets players. Tuukka Rask made lots of saves. Brett “Dog Years” Connolly had 3 assists! I was so excited that I couldn’t pick just one picture to embed!

Anyway, how are you on this beautiful post-Bruins-win morning?

Are you ready for the grand opening this weekend?

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Morning Free Association 2/11/16

The driver checks the mirror seven minutes late
The crowded riders’ restlessness enunciates
The Guess Who suck, the Jets were lousy anyway
The same mood every day
And in the turning lane
Someone’s stalled again
He’s talking to himself
And hears the price of gas repeat his phrase
“I hate Winnipeg…”
-The Weakerthans

Hope the morning is going well. Win tonight.