Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One, Day Two

Night Two of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs occurred last night with a slate of four games, some more exciting than others. At least one team suffered a serious injury that may result in an end to that player’s season. A couple of teams almost killed their games and playoff dreams with penalties. One game forced Bruins fans to root for one or the other ex-Bruins player. Find out what happened by reading these recaps. Continue reading

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One, Day One

Where’s Stanley? It’s too early to tell. Phil Pritchard isn’t telling. (Ok, he probably would say, but there’s 4 rounds of games to go, so we didn’t ask.)

Three games last night. Did you see them all? We did.
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Warning: The NHL site software is a little confusing. It won’t save your bracket until you’ve selected all 4 rounds including the cup winner and the number of games for the first round matchups. (then the save button turns green)